Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Sub Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 1 solid erection.

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 2 blue balls.

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 3 chrome cock rings.

On the 4th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 4 padlocks.

On the 5th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 5 silver chains.

On the 6th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 6 whip lashes.

On the 7th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 7 large dildos.

On the 8th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 8 rubber mask.

On the 9th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 9 solid cock lashes.

On the 10th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 10 binding ropes.

On the 11th day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 11 pieces of duck tape.

On the 12 day of Christmas my true Owner gave to me - 12 seconds to make the Owner cum.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lonely Lotion Time

It seems like more and more these days I'm having lonely lotion time. By "Lonely Lotion Time," I mean basically time alone jacking off. I was very fortunate when I was owned. I have always had loving owners who wanted their slaves to be happy. Whether it was having sex, being jacked off, jacking off for my owner's pleasure, or jacking off for my owner's friends, I was pretty much fulfilled....well, emptied...most of the time. I naturally had a lot of service time. Female owners required specific service on my knees as did my Male owners.

So, what has changed lately is I don't have anyone controlling my masturbation. I have had a few online Dominants tell me to go jack it in a cup and drink it, but nobody has really taken the title of owner. I am therefore left to my own devices. Sometimes I'm pumping away into a cup, sometimes on a towel, and sometimes just across my chest as I lean back. However, I decide to take care of business, I'm always alone. I spent a lot of time doing exactly what my owner said to do. When she died, I was left with a void in my life. No longer did she command me to sit on her dildo, stretch me out on a table blindfolded and tied while her friends came by, or order me to have sex with her. She died, but I had spent so much time looking only at her, I lost touch with the BDSM world. No real contacts anymore and you have to admit the contacts have changed. Everyone wants you to join a group, send money, belong to this web page, etc. Nobody just wants to have a slave. So, I'm left alone.

I have to admit that I would love to have another party and be told to masturbate for my owner's friends before. It would often be the case where several of them had never seen a man jack off before. They would laugh, talk and simply enjoy the show. You should have heard the laughter, yelling, and whooping whenever my owner would have me jack off on her feet and then clean it up with my mouth while her friends watched. Today, I'm stuck with some lotion, a cup, and a lot of memories. So until someone decides when and how I will take care of business, I'll just keep going with Lonely Lotion Time.


Friday, December 16, 2011

The Garrroting Chair

Some of you will remember that I have a friend, Master Max, who will sometimes use me for fun when I'm between owners (which has been a long time recently by the way). A few years ago he called me and wanted me to come out for a little fun.

When I arrived, I immediately assumed the role of his slave. He took me to his made up dungeon and showed me a new chair he had made. It had a high back with a strap high, midway, and wide slits at the top above the high strap. The seat was in a V shape with boards on the inside. I could immediately tell that it was designed for the slave (or in this case me) to sit with legs spread wide. There was even a nice rubber cock sticking up an inch or two where the slave would sit.

He quickly explained the device to me saying, "You'll sit here with your legs spread and strapped down. This lower strap will go around your waist and the upper strap around your chest. I will then cuff your hands here (he pulled handcuffs that were hanging on either side up, I had not see those) and then slide a belt through here." Where he showed me he was going to slide a belt put the belt around my neck. It hit me then that this was a garrote chair, and worse it was designed to kill someone.

Since I have no desire to die, I reminded Master Max of that fact. He assured me that he was not going to kill me and that I would find the exercise very pleasurable. I've known Master Max for a long time and I do trust him, so I sat down in the chair.

Immediately, I was greeted by the cock in the seat up my ass. Thankfully he had lubed it a little and then I was strapped into the chair. Master Max put a ball gag in my mouth and then slid the belt around my neck. He used a wide belt so as to not leave any marks and to increase the amount of pressure he could apply.

He wasted no time snugging the belt down and I found it hard to breath. He walked around in front of me, knelt down and took out some K-Y and began to work my cock over. It seemed like I was instantly hard, and at this point he went around and tightened the belt more. Now I almost could not breath and my vision was starting to get blurry again, but it was okay because Master Max was back jacking my cock.

When I felt like I was about to explode, Master Max went behind me again and tightened the belt. This time there was a huge sensation of passing out. My vision narrowed a lot more and I began to panic a little. Master Max immediately assured me everything was okay and starting jacking me off again. Just when I thought I was about to explode, Master reached down and took hold of my balls and squeezed them. I instantly shot out a huge load and shook all over from top to bottom. I thought for sure I was going to pass out, and I may have. The next thing I knew Master Max was helping me into the bed. He put me face down and made sure I was comfortable. I lay there half in a daze and completely worn out. I heard him move into bed beside me and felt that I should service him. I tried to rise, but he pushed me back down and said soothingly, "Just rest."

I was resting between half sleep and pleasure as I felt Master Max behind me. He parted my ass gently and slide himself into me. He had lubed up well and I had no muscle control so he went right in. After several minutes, he moaned and I felt his rod widen and my insides felt warm. I passed out asleep at that point.

It was my first time in a Garrote Chair, but I have to admit that with the right person it can be wonderful and sexually fulfilling. Keep in mind I've known Master Max for many years. There is a huge trust factor involved here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Craigslist Posting

Well I finally got up the nerve to post my needs or search on Craigslist. I instantly had at least fifteen responses. Needless to say I was one happy little slut. I was getting my leash and collar out and shinning up my cock cage. Unfortunately, all the post were almost identical. Half of them ended up in the spam folder.

However, I hit on one that seemed real. We talked and made arrangements to meet at a restaurant. I arrived in Houston, went to the restaurant and sat there. She never showed up. I really didn't think that a potential Domme could break my heart without ever dominating me, but she did.

So, as the evening is almost over now, I'm sitting in the hotel room alone in my black underwear and typing on the blog. I went into Twitter and tried to get some attention, but I got nothing.

So, stuck for another night, I will soon get a glass and some lotion, empty my week long levels of cum into the cup and then decide what to do from there. Maybe one quick swallow will remind me of my position in life...on the other hand, if this keeps up I'm going dominant...hell, at least they get contacts.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

A slave alone without a Femdom or Domme

Let's face it, all slaves desire ownership. They want someone to control them, tell them what to do and when to do it. They want that close feeling that can only come with knowing that he or she owns everything about the person. I'm no different, but let's also face the fact that we aren't always going to be owned. For example, I have not had an owner since my Mistress died. I've had some fun with friends, but no one to hold me or allow me to massage them into a gentle sleep, or a sexual explosion.

So the problem for an unowned slave is what to do with free time. I have to admit, I'm one that will think about ownership. Wanting to try to keep all my plumbing devices working and myself prepared for a potential owner, I sometimes find myself alone imagining that I have an owner. Being a male, I am a visual creature, so I turn like many lonely, horny men to the internet. I search for pictures under the normal names like "femdom," "domination," "bondage," "CFNM" and a dozen other topics. I usually download a handful of pictures that make me hot and then try to work up the courage to basically do myself.

You may be wondering why I'm opening up this very private side of my life to the world of the internet. First, I hope you're not alone in this reading and wondering, second you would be well justified for wondering. Most men, and many women for that matter, will not admit to masturbation or "self-sex". Sure, they will read about it, watch it, and even do it, but to admit to the world that they've stroked it while white globs of man-jam come rushing out onto a towel, no. That's not in the cards. But, I'm a slave, I've been put on display, shown to friends, and even jacked off for crowds of my owner's friends before. So, putting it all out here, in a matter of speaking, isn't really that hard (oops, there's those word play things again).

Anyway, after I have found the pictures that stir a feeling in me, I arrange them on my computer in an order I'd like to see them. For me there are variety of pictures, but I generally like the humiliation ones. I tend to look for pictures where a slave has to masturbate on his owners foot or boot and clean it up. I also am fond of the ones where a slave is tied up, jacked off, and then has his cum smeared on his face or feed to him. Basically, let me imagine my balls bouncing off the toe of your boot, or even the toe of your bare foot, and I'm happy to be self serving. Now before anyone says, well those pictures are all about your pleasure, yes I know. That's the point at this time. I'm alone and looking for release.

As I was saying (or in this case diligently writing), I will line up the pictures and start a slide show. I set it to where a keystroke controls the change in pictures rather than a timer since this allows me to linger on picture that bring me to particular arousal. Once I have my pictures going, I strip, put a towel in my seat, I towel beside me, a cup and obtain some lotion. It's then time to stroke it as I look at the pictures. From here on you can imagine a man sitting in his chair, stroking his cock with lotion and staring at domination pictures. Yes, I know, it's ever pervert's dream (give me an owner to control me and it will stop).

For the next little bit, I imagine that I'm each slave in the pictures. I may tie a little noose around my balls or at the base of my cock. I may even put a belt around my neck and slowly tighten it. No, I do not click the buckle in place, I want to feel it not die! With those situations in place, I slowly stroke my cock. Once I feel the urge growing, I stand up, stop going through the pictures and increase the speed of the strokes. With one hand a I the cup ready and then when the moment comes (no pun intended) I force the head of my cock into the cup, stroke as fast as I can and fill the cup up. That's how I do it when I'm alone, which is a lot these days.

What's that? I bet you're wondering what I do with the cup aren't you? I've standing here in front of my computer with a nice cup full of cum and my other hand slowly winding down on my cock. Well, for the fun of it, let's leave that up to your imagination. Or, maybe if one of you wanted to control what I do with the cup, you'll contact me and take on a slave. Until then, let's just say I'm fairly open to suggestions.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Houston on My Mind

Well, I'm planning a fun trip to get away to Houston the weekend of the 28th. As it goes, I'm going to be all alone just sitting around or going out to eat. Naturally, I'd love to be kneeling at a Dominant's feet, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

In fact, as it goes this is one of several trips to the big cities. Each time I go, I'm contacted by Domme's willing to spend time with me. Unfortunately, it's always the same. I'm expected to meet them in public (I'm okay with this) pay for the meal (again okay) and at some point I'm told that each hour they spend with me will require a gift. The bottom line is everyone seems to be money Dominants these days. Nobody seems to want to just spend time, have fun, get to know someone and maybe take things further.

I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and it's all the same at each place. I miss the days when a Domme or Dom would simply slap a leash around my neck and lead me around the room. Heck, I'm game for some strip poker! But, at last life appears to be all about the money. I miss those who really want to just dominant!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hose over the hose

The first time I wore panty hose was years ago. I was on a date with a very dominant female and she decided that I should wear the hose for the night. Following each command, I removed my boots, socks, jeans, and underwear. I had to keep my shirt on. Since it was a tuck in button down shirt, it didn't take too long for the cool air to cause the front to start lifting up. Yeah, i was excited as this wonderful woman inspected me.

Next I had to put on the panty hose only, then my jeans and socks (over the hose for the boots) and my boots. She then asked me how it felt to be a "big fucking cowboy in panty hose." I naturally told her that it felt right if that was what she wanted.

We went to a movie, out to eat, a nice drive and back to her place. Everywhere we went I was so freaking turned on by the feel of the hose over my hose. I thought I was going to bust by the time we got back to her place. This wonderful Domme was not your usual one. She was really turned on by the idea that I had worn the hose all night. We got back, I was ordered to strip, but keep the hose on. She tore an opening in the front of the hose where I had already spilt some pre-cum, handed me a rubber, told me to "hood-it" and get on the bed. We screwed for what seemed like hours with me wearing her hose. Since I almost always wear cowboy boots, she didn't miss a beat in the morning when she got you, slapped my butt, and said, "You've been a good cowboy slut now haven't you?" Yes...yes, I was a good cowboy slut... :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Castration Question

Slow she moves the razor blade along his cleanly shaved cock. He trembles slightly as she pauses and lifts his sack with her left hand. He feels the stick as she places the point of the corner against his skin. “One little flick of my wrist,” she says with a smile. “That’s all it takes and bye-bye little boys.”

If the above paragraph made you tingle between your legs or even more, then you may be like dozens of other submissive men. It seems from searching the Internet that men, especially submissive men, have multiple fantasies about castration. For the most part, men are visual creatures. It only takes a few moments of searching porn to find that there is way more out there for men than there is for women. Men like pictures and women generally like stories. However, castration stories, and sometimes pictures, has a strong effect on the submissive male.

Often the submissive reads the stories of castration and seems himself in the role of the slave to be castrated. He dreams about it and before long, he has a thriving erection wanting for release. However, the question remains, does the male slave really want the castration, or just the threat of a castration.

I cannot speak for other slaves, but as for me, I seek the thrill of someone holding the power over me. Many times, I’ve had a Master or Mistress holding me by my balls and saying things like, “Screw up and they are gone,” and other nice little things. They’ve been slapped (my balls not Master or Mistress), kicked, and put in more CBT devices than I care to remember. I’ve even passed out before, but the one rule remains, until you truly own me, the balls stay.

By truly own, I mean simply we are married, older living together, or otherwise domestically tied. There has to be more than a slave contract. I love castration play and will worship at the feet of the Master or Mistress who causes me to tremble in fear, but when it comes to that cutting, banding, or clamping moment, we have to stop short. On the other hand, put a ring on my neck and a ring on my finger, and you might just end up making your own eunuch when you decide. However, until that day comes, these balls are for torture only….

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slave Ownership (warning adult content)

Since being without an owner for sometime now, I’ve contemplated my slot in life several times. I’ve gone through the entire routine of thinking I’d never have an owner again, almost hooking up with a potential owner, spending some time with old friends (who enjoyed using me I might add), and even the “what if I don’t find someone” phase. At one point, I even considered setting my submissive self aside, taking a dominant role to meet other dominants, getting to be friends and then saying, “Surprise, let me serve you Master or Mistress!” But, that’s deceptive.

So, instead I just keep going from group to group looking, posting, and I’ve even joined Facebook. Although, on Facebook I seem to be finding the professional Masters and Mistress instead of interested people. So, I thought I would once again turn to my little blog. At least here I can describe what I am and what you will be getting.

1. I’m able to keep a secret. Don’t want the world know you like spanking your man or dog in my case? Then I’m you slave. I don’t believe in talking and sharing your business.
2. You’ll never find a better slave to have at your feet. Want your feet licked, back rubbed, served breakfast in bed? You’ve found the slave that will be loving and devoted to all these needs!
3. Along the lines of wanting a good slave, how about one to use? Have you ever dreamed of ramming it to the ass of your slave? How about unloading yourself onto your slave’s face? Maybe you’ve dreamed of spanking, slapping or just outright beating your slave? Maybe you just want to see a man jack off, or watch him become so blue-balled he can’t walk? Whatever your idea of slave is, I can fulfill it.
I’ve been used for several things over the years. Here’s a short list:
• spanking
• cum control
• cum cleanup
• ass fucking
• bondage
• piss slave
• ash tray
• cbt
• castration play (play, I need my nuts until my life long owner decides)
• etc
I’ve done just about everything you can imagine. So, if there’s a potential owner in Texas or another close state, why not meet me, dine with me, and let’s just get to know each other. You might just find the slave you’ve been dreaming about. If interested, comment on this blog. I promise, with me kneeling with a collar and leash leading to your hand at your feet, you’ll have a tingle you’ve never had before.