Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Time Post

Well it's been awhile since I've been able to post. Some of you may know that I was in a bad wreck a few months ago. Banged me up pretty good...and not in the "good" way. Once I got over that, I was on the road. I think the company I work for saved all my work for my return. Naturally, it was shortly after this that I met a beautiful woman interested in collaring me. Yes, as you can imagine, that made me rock hard again. Anyway, right after we talked, I was off on work everywhere and it seems like each time we try to connect either she is out of town or I'm on the road. I'm confident though that someday soon I'll find myself with a leash leading from her hand to my collar as I kneel in front of her. On the other side, I hope everyone has a great Christmas. If you have time read through some of my old post and we'll see you all soon. Maybe the next time I post, it will be a story about how my Mistress treats me....until then, don't lose the key.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Man Jacks Me Off For the First Time

As you may know I've been out of the country for almost a month working. It's getting crazy, but at least I've been able to finally catch a couple of chances to get on the Internet, very few but some. Anyway, I had typed up a recollection of my first time having a man, well other than my own, hands on my cock. I hope you enjoy as I think back and tell you about it.

It was several years ago and in fact it was close to when I started doing some modeling in my younger years when a man touched my cock for the first time. He was gay and interested in me and I knew this. He also knew that I was not gay, but was submissive. Looking back, he likely took advantage of me, but ultimately it helped me learn that a man can touch me and do things a woman can too. I was 18 at the time and he was 25. We had just signed on to the modeling contract and done a complete shoot. They were happy to have me around because I was dumb and, naturally as a healthy young 18 year old male, full of plenty of rock hard hard-ons and full of cum.

We had done the first shoot and I must admit I was nervous. It was nothing too serious, but Bill as he was called (I later heard his real name was Jimmy something) was in several shoots with me. We were acting out the roles of beat down men with two women dommes. It was easy for me and my body responded to their harsh language with a hard-on fit for the kings. Bill also seemed to pop one up with ease. We completed a basic shoot and then retired to the dressing rooms. It was in those rooms that Bill approached me.

We were both getting dressed when he asked if I had ever been with a man. I told him I had not and that I was not gay. He explained to me that in the "adult" industry eventually I would have to consider "gay" shoots and that even the female domination shoots that I had signed up for might have gay overtones. I told him that I had signed up because I was submissive and felt strongly that I wanted to serve full time as a slave. He indicated that he knew this, but reminded me that most of the women on the shoot were simply there for the pay. They either had boyfriends, were lesbians, or had other interest such as paying for school. He assured me that none of them wanted a slave and that I would have to expand my roles as time went on. He told me a lot about the adult industry and indicated that I could make good money in gay and straight films later.

After a brief conversation Bill finally told me that he was gay. He offered to help me get prepared for a gay shoot by giving me a hand job. I refused at first, but then he quickly asked me how I would deal with a shoot in the future when the photographer told me to suck a cock or have a man jack me off. I admitted that I was at a loss and agreed to go with Bill to have a trial run.

We ended up at Bill's apartment and he fed me some good beers. I say "good" because at this point I had never really had beer. I got light headed quickly, but in hindsight I noticed that Bill didn't let me drink too many. He was a smooth talker and before long I was sitting on the foot of his bed in nothing. He pulled his shirt off, asked me to lay back and moved carefully between my legs. He explained to me that he was going to jack me off so that I could see how it felt to have a man's hands on my cock and get used to it. My young response was, "Cool."

Bill reached up and pulled the cord on his ceiling fan, shutting it off, and explained that we didn't need it drying out the lube. He then pulled some K-Y from the bed side drawer, sat between my spread legs and took my cock in his hand. He gently massaged it and added just a few drops of K-Y. As he stroked me a little faster and with a little more intensity, we both noticed that I didn't really get hard. I got a little stiff, but nothing that was going to shoot off a load. I laughed and told him to look and see I wasn't gay.

He quickly responded and said that I simply wasn't comfortable yet. He then offered to tie me up, only loosely, so that I could get the feel of being submissive to him. I agreed and told him that I doubted that it would help. He gently ran a small rope around both bedpost and tied my wrist. I could tell that I could pull out easily if I wanted to. He then did the same with my legs. He had me on the bed in an "X" shape and stood at the end looking.

I don't know if it was the sweat on his chest because he had turned off the ceiling fan, or if it was just being tied, but I noticed that my cock began to get a little harder. Bill noticed too because he said, "See, you just need to be in your element. Now grab hold of the ropes and imagine that you can't move. I'm your master and I'm going to make you cum for my amusement."

Bill knelt between my legs again and I did as he said and grabbed the ropes with my hands. It immediately felt like I could not move and was trapped, even though I knew I was not. I felt additional K-Y drip on my cock and then suddenly felt his hand wrap tight around my cock.

Within a few seconds Bill was pumping me like a pumping station. I was rock hard as his hand moved up and down my cock at a steady pace. It was then that Bill informed me that only a man knew what would really make another man feel good and that only a man could make another man blast a cum. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying the pump, so I only nodded. I heard Bill laugh softly at me as he continued to pump me.

In a few more minutes, my head was spinning. I was in heaven. Each pump of his hand seemed to cause all the sense of my cock head to spring to life. I felt myself begin to tremble a little and I knew it would not be long until I came. I thought to myself the entire time that I was about to explode with a man's hand on my cock. I had done this with girlfriends, even an older Domme, but never with a man.

Bill must have noticed that I was nearing explosion as well. Within a moment I felt his other hand just under my balls. He traced a small line with his finger from my anus up to a mid region between my balls and anus. He then began to press gently on the area. For the first time in my life I thought my cock was going to rip apart. He must have added at least a half inch to it simply by pressing this spot between my anus and balls. My hips began to shake and I began to attempt to hump his hand. As if he wanted to maintain the pace, he immediately moved his other hand from the spot he and been pressing and grasped my balls firmly.

At this point I was almost totally lost. I didn't know whether to pay attention to where he had pressed between my legs, how he now held my balls firmly and stopped me from humping the air, or how his pumping of my expanding cock had increased in time. My head was spinning with all these new feelings.

Bill was an expert. I figured that he was watching me for all the signs because just before I exploded, he clamped down hard on my balls. Had this not been an intense sex act, I'm sure it would have hurt, but at this point it made me shudder. He also tightened his grip on my cock as it slide through his hand for just a moment and then loosened the grip on my cock while maintaining what must have been crushing pressure on my balls.

I exploded harder than I ever had in my life. For the first time I gasped for air, flounced with my arms and legs and humped my hips frantically against his hand. I let go of the rope and wasn't even aware of when it slide off my legs and arms. I felt hot cum splatter first on my stomach and within mini-seconds on my chest, the side of my face and was pretty sure it had shot beyond. Bill continued to pump me until that small feeling of irritation takes over when your cock head can no longer handle being touched. He then lowered by cock and released my balls.

I stumbled through what to say for the next few minutes. I couldn't even think straight. Bill laughed and pointed to his headboard and told me that I hit the board, my own head, my chest and he wasn't too sure that I didn't hit the ceiling fan above us. I was totally spent as Bill told me to stay there and rest as long as I wanted. He left the room telling me that I was now ready for "gay" porn and that I would do fine.

I never knew if Bill was just using me for some fun or if he was trying to teach me seriously to be ready for gay porn. I know that it has been easier to be with men since that time, but I still have to admit that I still prefer the hands of a strong Female Domme over those of a man any day.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Ball Free Slave

Several years ago my Mistress and I were visiting an older couple who also practices domination and submission. If I remember correctly he was in his 70's and she was in her late 60's or early 70's. To be honest, I thought he was a little sloppy looking. You know the type, baggy arms, thin chest, gaunt face and hollow cheeks. He just almost seemed sickly. I was dreading what might be planned for the evening when my Mistress and his Mistress decided to leave us alone. We were told to find a game to watch, enjoy ourselves and relax. We were prohibited from any sexual actions, with each other or otherwise.

We sat in a small den in the trailer they owner watching one of those large clunky color TVs. I think it was Saturday night, so some college game was one. There we both sat with thick black collars around our necks in tight leather with tight white T-Shirts. We had been dressed alike for the evening.

While we had small talk about the game and sipped soft drinks, I took a moment to check out his package. In these situations you naturally assume that either he's going to take your Mistress while you watch, get taken by your Mistress, or you're going to be the object of the game. I wanted to know how he compared to me. I was also keenly aware that I might end up on the receiving end of whatever was in his pants. However, when I looked, something did not look right.

He must have caught me staring because he grinned for a second and reached down to lift the side of his shorts. A small cock popped it's head out with what appeared to be a limp sack of nothing. He then pulled his skin around slightly and showed me two little scars. "She has them," he said. The smile got a little wider. "Took them when I was about your age."

My throat immediately tightened and I instinctively reached and covered my balls. I was terrified and he could see it. He continued to prompt me, "Have you donated?"

"What?" I managed to stumble out while watching him push his useless cock and sack back into his shorts.

"Do you have sperm frozen? Has she put your little baby makers on ice yet for the future?"

I remembered the trip to the doctor and her standing in the room watching me pump off a fist full of white piles into a sample cup before it was sent to be saved. She had told me that this was in case she ever decided to have me fixed, we could still have kids. I figured she was joking, but sitting next to this ball-free slave had me wondering.

"You look like you're surprised, " he said as he too a drink of coke. "My wife has been a nurse for years. She did mine like I said when I was your age and my understanding is that you're getting them removed tonight. I hear they are fixing the room right now."

I sat, numb through much of the game and when the two Mistress' returned I know I had dread on my face. My mind was racing and all I wanted to do was yell, "No, I want to keep my nuts!" We were both told to follow our Mistress' to the back room. I did so trembling.

Once there, I saw a soft queen sized bed with no ropes or any signs of medical stuff. My Mistress reached in her purse and pulled out a condom. "Doug," she said. "My friend here has not had sex in awhile. Since her husband is no longer able to perform for her, I would like you to satisfy her before we all get dressed and go to a movie."

I shot a quick glance at the ball free slave and saw he was smiling. His Mistress must have known something was up. She shot a glance and him and then back at me. "Did he tell you the 'I took his balls' story again?"

I nodded quickly and the all laughed.

"Honey, no," she said in a soothing voice. "Fred here had cancer a few years ago in both testicles. They had to remove them. Since he wants to keep me happy, as well he should, we have little sessions where I get to have sex with....well, whoever the hell I want, and I want you. I saw you at a party with your Mistress and we became fast friends. She has told me that you're okay when it comes to pleasing a woman with your cock and that's what I want. Fred will just watch....but honey your balls aren't going anywhere."

I took the condom and found Fred's Mistress to actually be very attractive for her age. It took me moments to fit the condom on and look to my Mistress. My Mistress nodded her approval and I moved between Fred's Mistress' legs. Just before I penetrated her, I glanced over at him and noticed his eyes were locked on our sex. I whispered softly, but loud enough for Fred to hear and certainly everyone else in the room, "Psst...Fred, I'm going to enjoy this," and then I rammed myself into his Mistress. She moaned with pleasure almost immediately.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

In BDSM, When Does Play Become Abuse?

I recently posted a question to different social media outlets with various answers. The question was simple, "When, for you, does play cross over into abuse?" So far on some outlets I've received answers like the following:

Never - I'm in control! When the safe word is ignored. When you reach the limits of your sub and force him or her beyond. Depends on the relationship.

I think ultimately I like the last answer best. I once wrote about castration on this blog to have a Domme inform me that was cruel and wrong. Her comment is still attached to the post and I respect her for it. I don't know if I always agree. It think the last answer above would be best because it does depend on the relationship.

Take for example my relationship with my Mistress. If you remember she passed away several years ago now. We had a positive relationship and met often. We were moving toward complete submission. By complete submission, I mean I was willing to get married. She had arranged for a friend to conduct the ceremony and for us to live together in Memphis. It was a very exciting time and we talked about a lot of things.

For us, tattoos were going to be a must. She wanted a wedding ring tattooed on each of our hands. I would have a ring on my ring finger that said, "Angie's". She would have a ring on hers that said, "Doug". In case you didn't catch it, she had the possessive "'s" and I did not...cute, uh? lol. Anyway. She further wanted a tattoo on my cock with her name. I'll be honest, I was worried about that one. I could just feel the needles pricking into my prick! I honestly did not know if I could handle it.

Finally we had agreed to two final points in our relationship. First, I would take her last name. That's natural for a sub to do in my world, and I know several who have done this. We also agreed that within one year, I would have my sperm frozen and kept on file for future possible offspring we might agree to. We had talked about the possibility of having children and not exposing them to our world. For all they would know, we were husband and wife like any other couple. The reason for having the sperm frozen was a safeguard. Angie, for all the love I had of her and the fun she had with my balls, had toyed with the idea of having me castrated. She had a family member who was a physician and she knew some of the benefits of castration, such as longer life, etc. She also knew that I could be kept fit by injections and that everything would still work with those injections. She said that by having the sperm stored, I would never know if and when she might decide to, as she used to like to joke, take me to the vet and have me fixed. In other words it was the excitement of never knowing. I might go in for a routine physical and come out a Eunuch at anytime.

Initially, I was concerned about this, but then again I loved my Mistress. This was also not an abusive situation. She was not going to cut my balls off during play and leave me to bleed to death. She wasn't going to beat me unconscious for me to wake up with a vet standing over me to remove my testicles. There had always been a lot of cock play. She had a large knife that she called her "Cock Cutting Knife" and she toyed with me often; however, it never went too far. We still had a safe word and she still respected me. To some, the idea of having my testicles removed might seem me it was play. It was never abuse.

I've seen people who were abused. I know of one submissive who had his jaw broken when his Mistress hit him. That, to me, was extreme abuse. Was the act of slapping him abusive? Not necessarily, but certainly the broken jaw was abusive. Had Angie tied me down and cut my balls off, I would have been abused, but I don't think I would have if I agreed in a safe environment. Fortunately, Angie was never abusive to me. We talked about everything from tattoos to castration, to Prince Alberts. I never felt forced and I never felt abused; however, for some people, waking up to find their Mistress' family member about to remove testicles would have been abusive. I don't feel it would have been at that point in the relationship, but then again that's me. It would have been for other reasons. I'm not even sure it would have ever happened. After all Angie always said one of the things she loved was CBT and CBT without balls is just Cock Torture.....and where's the fun in that?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pie Eating Contest

I have to admit that one of my favorite Mistress of all time had a great game she called "The Pie Eating Contest". As you can likely imagine, it always had to do with a slave between a Mistress' legs and enjoying the taste and smell of a vagina. The rules were simple. The first slave, using only his or her mouth, to make the Mistress cum won. Depending on the mood of the Mistress, this ended in a couple of different ways.

The winner never knew for sure what he or she would get. If you won, it might be the joy of having the slave who lost make you cum. Imagine how hot it was for me on days when one of my Mistress' friends would bring a hot female slave. I'd get hard just think about the lips of that slave wrapped softly around my cock after I won the event. Hell, even with a male I'd get hot thinking about it! I'd do everything in my power to ensure I won and then hope for this fantastic outcome.

Naturally, there was always other possibilities for the winner. One time, I remember the winner had to tie up the other slave in extremely tight and uncomfortable bondage and then return to ensure the Mistress who missed out on cumming, got to cum. The only benefit, besides making Mistress cum, was you usually got to lay at their feet or sit on the floor beside them and watch the movie afterwards while the other slave was left alone tied up for the two hour movie.

The trick to this games was Mistress would never allow a slave to service his or her own Mistress. After all, any slave well trained should already be able to make his or her Mistress cum. So, usually with a party of two Mistress and two slaves, I'd have to service my owner's friend. Part of the fun depended on how the Mistress felt. They could add fun to the game by not showing for the day, going to gym first, or simply not shaving for a few days prior to the event.

I remember one night in particular that it was the "No Shower, and Out Dancing" night. Both my Mistress and her friend returned home and checked the house. My counterpart and I had cleaned the house, prepared a snack for the evening and set up the living room. Both Mistress' came in and my owner announced we would conduct the game. My Mistress' friend had brought a young hot female slave that I had honestly found it hard, no pun, not to spend the evening staring at her. They always had us do our clean up with our collar's on and nothing else. At the time I must have been twenty-six and she looked every bit of a juicy eighteen. Naturally, the caliber of people I served would never have a minor. When it was announced that there was going to be a "Pie Eating Contest," this sweet young blonde looked horrified. I had no doubt that she had seen me watching her all through the night. I instantly starting getting excited. I could just see her mouth warped firmly on my pole. My Mistress must have detected this and immediately said, "Tonight, the winner will get to chose his or her method to have self-satisfaction." Again, there was that lost look, "Oh, don't worry honey," said my Mistress. "If you win, you can fuck him in the ass with a dildo, have sex with him, or simply have him eat you out. It will be fun."

You have to keep in mind that no slave is ever forced to do something, so this young beauty had to agree that she would play the game. This was, after all her first time. Mistress looked at me and smiled, "And if you win you can fuck her or have her suck you...but we're going to watch whatever you get." By this time in my service, I had not problem with an audience. They could have an entire group of people in the room and I'd do what I was going to do. I decided right then and there that when I won, I was going to slow hump this pretty thing until the cows came home and the bull was empty!

We were each handcuffed with our hands behind our backs....remember, only your face can be used. I got down in front of Mistress' friend and was ready to go. The smell was awful. I could smell the smell of sweat. I keep my thoughts on the prize. When Mistress said "Go!" We each dove in as quickly as we could.

I immediately used my nose (a nice large to work my way to Mistress' clit. From there I started licking like a crazy man. I could feel the Mistress's legs tighten on my head and pull me in. I knew I hd this in the bag. As I sucked and licked quickly, I heard something that was a little concerning coming from my Mistress. This blond slave's head was moving rapidly up and down and back and forth. My Mistress was starting to cum! I was horrified as I realized this little slut must have been putting on when she acted nervous, because she knew exactly what she was doing. Within a moment, my Mistress was moaning and flouncing like a fish out of water. She had cum within a minute. I was still trying to build up. As I raised my head slightly, the Mistress I was serving grabbed my hair and pulled me back in saying, "You lost slut boy, but you ain't finished yet!"

I "finished" my service when the Mistress I was serving convulsed and came. Arrangements were made with the little blond slave on how she wanted to cum. A few minutes later she came out of the back with my Mistress' strapon arranged to where it would give her the best satisfaction. I was forced face down with my ass up in the air. No handcuffs, no restraints....I simply had to take it like a man...or like a woman might. The young blond came up behind me after I had lubed my own ass up and lubed her dildo. She leaned down beside me and whispered softly in my ear, "I saw you watching me all night slut. You thought I didn't know anything didn't you? Now I'm going to show you how to use a dildo and open you up like a virgin hole. You can tell all your friends that a twenty year old newbie ripped your ass tonight....."

Within a moment she was behind me. In another moment I grunted as I felt the huge dildo open me up. I heard my Mistress laugh and say, "Slow fuck him so he remembers it." The blond slave laughed, "Yes Mistress. He will remember me for a long time," and with that I felt the dildo inside me start to expand a little.....I had forgotten that my Mistress owned an expandable strapon. I grunted as they all laughed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ring My Bell

Looking back fondly I can remember a lot of games I’ve been involved in since becoming a true submissive. I can remember a number of games that had to do with me cumming in one fashion or another, but one of the fun little games that occurred a few years ago I only participated in once. Maybe it only occurred once because the Domme was new and wanted to fit in so she introduced the idea she had, or maybe I’ve just never been involved since.

It was a normal evening with Domme and Doms roaming the room. The slaves were either chained close to their owners, or carrying food trays and drink trays around. Unlike many parties, we were clothed in neat clothing and the only way you knew a Domme or Dom from a slave was by the collar around the slave’s neck. I for one was happy to not be strutting around in my birthday suit in front of strangers for once. I made the rounds offering drinks and accepting a nice little pat on my backside occasionally.

It had been a fairly slow party when my owner came to me and said that she and another Domme had an idea for a game. I was going to play. I followed her and the other slave into a bedroom where the door was locked and we were both told to strip.

Naturally it did take long for two nude males to become a little aroused in the cool air of the room. Our Domme’s seemed to like this as the friend of my owner, named Liz apparently, walked over and tied a little red string with a small collar styled bell on her slave’s cock. My owner did the same. Again, we both became semi-hard, but Liz said this was good because it made the game more fun.

The game was simple. We would stand with our hands behind our necks with our legs wide apart. Each Domme would attend to the other’s slave so Liz would be doing me. The Domme would use a feather and tickle the sub anyway she wished. The first one to move too much and ring the bell lost a point.

I don’t know how many rounds the game could have had, but they set a ten round limit. We were both encouraged to try not to ring the bell, because the loser would have to suck off the winner. My Domme assured me that she had a copy of Liz’s slave’s most recent test and he was clean. I knew I was as I also had my test on a regular basis with my Domme. However, should the winner wish, he could wear a condom during his ceremony. The loser had no choice.

About five minutes into the contest I was winning three to two. Another five minutes and the score was five to three. I have never been overly ticklish, but I must admit that Liz knew how to use a feather. She would run it over my chest and then stop just on the tip of the head of my cock before making a little swish motion that almost always caused me to bounce. Once I bounced, the bell would ring. Fortunately, at the end of about fifteen minutes, I was declared the winner, six to four.

Liz’s slave knelt down and removed the bell from my cock. I looked down at him and then into the eyes of my Domme. My eyes remained locked with hers as I received one of the best blowjobs of my entire life. This man either really liked cock, or he was well trained in how to worship one. Within a few moments I felt my body begin to tremble. Another few minutes and I felt the familiar jolt through my cock that indicated that the slave sucking so well was now swallowing globs of cum. I know my facial expressions must have changed because both Dommes were now smiling at me.

A moment later Liz and her slave were gone and I was left sitting on the edge of the bed with my owner. She asked how I felt and I replied “good.” I was left alone for a little while as a reward for winning…something that was greatly appreciated since I was weak in the knees and drained better than I had been in months. I’m not sure about Liz and her slave since I haven’t seen them since the party. My Domme had known her for sometime apparently. I do know that when I left the party with my leash in my owner’s hand, I saw Liz and her slave leaving. He was driving her in her car and I think he smiled at me as he passed.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Slaves down on Lonely Street

It was a 1950s Elvis Presley song that sounded out the words, "I'm down at the end of Lonely Street...." It seems that is where a lot of submissive men find them themselves these days....hanging out on Lonely Street. The fact is it's easy for a female submissive or female domme to find an abundance of Doms, Domme's or slaves. It's harder for the male submissive to find a Dom or Domme. I would like to think that there are simply more fewer submissive women and fewer Doms and Domme's out there than there are submissive men, but that simply wouldn't make much sense. It seems hard to believe that all the slaves hanging out on Lonely Street are fat, middle-aged men with fantasies of some hot young Domme spanking them....only to find that when reality sets in they chicken out. I simply can not believe they are all simple computer geeks hiding behind keyboards....there's bound to be a pool of real slaves seeking. Unfortunately for those real slaves like myself, when we do get out on twitter (Slave_4_Collar) or out on Yahoo and Google, ninety percent of the time I find Domme's seeking a dime only. There are tons of these Dommes out there. They will tell you what to do as long as you provide the financial follow up. I had a recent conversation with one that told me to go jack off in a cup, drink it, and buy her a tribute to show my gratitude for her allowing me to cum. Consequently, I jacked off, I drank it and I did not send any tribute. Sorry, I just can't pay from back here on Lonely Street. So the question becomes, what's a sub to do? Does he just give up and try to find his own submissive woman or man that he can occasionally switch roles with to get his own thrills? Would it be better to just give up and find a nice mate? Maybe pop the submissive side later in the relationship and see what happens? Or is the sub doomed to stay on Lonely Street forever? To tell the truth, I haven't found the answer. I maintain this blog in hopes of feedback. Even when I get feedback that says something like, "If you were mine, I'd...." it's nice. Even if that person has no intention of ever placing a collar around my neck, it's cool to know people are reading. Too often, I hope back into my blog and find there's been a good readership with no comments. I've also noticed on my blog that the more I describe my self training, or sexual acts completed alone, the more feedback I get. So if I describe how I sometimes tie a belt around my neck, pull it tight, and then jack off while I'm starting to black out, have a huge cum, and wake up to find the belt loose and cum splattered across my legs, more people will respond. But ultimately, like so many slaves down on Lonely Street, I want more. I want to have a Domme or Dom that I can wake up at the foot of the bed and serve breakfast too, that I can massage in a large tub, that will force me to wear a cock cage despite my throbbing hard on each time I think about them, and maybe in the end an owner that will remove that cage from time-to-time and allow me to pump it with a belt or noose tight around my neck and balls. I know, it all sounds like too much, but somewhere out there there is a Dom or Domme who is searching for that slave that is me....maybe if you meet them, you can just point them down Lonely Street.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tied Balls

There is just something fantastic about a male slave having his balls tied. I'm not sure if it is the feeling of the sack being pulled away from the body, the feel of a rope looping around two trapped nuts dangling inside the skin pulled away from their safe zone, or it's the fact that the end of the rope usually leads to a dominant person. Whatever the reason is, I get extremely hot and bothered whenever a Master or Mistress ties my balls.

If you have never had your balls tied as a male slave, then you have to try it. If you're uncomfortable or your Mistress or Master is uncomfortable with the idea, here's a simple rule to remember. Never cut off circulation. You can tie them fairly tight without causing any real damage. Unlike spankings, crops, or even a good old whack to the nuts, tied off balls should never hurt. If it starts to hurt, then you need to let off how tight they are tied. In fact, the only time tied nuts should hurt is when they are whacked, or tugged on. I'll grant, there may be some uncomfortable feelings initially, but overall you should not have pain or your balls should not began to darken. If they do, remove the rope immediately. Unless castration is your goal, you really don't want to have your nuts die!

Anyway, the first step is simple. Your Master or Mistress should grasp your sac gently and pull down. Both your nuts (if you have two) should be trapped in the bottom of your sac. The gentle, or maybe rough, tug downward will likely get your attention. If you adore your Master or Mistress, you may get a hard on immediately. However, with the tugging on your balls, you might not. It varies from person-to-person. Just for those wondering....I get an instant raging hard on!

Once they are tugged down, a rope or cord is best. Don't use thin other words no fishing line, no piano string, etc. If you do that you're liable to find your nuts rolling across the floor. Use something thick and hopefully soft. Loop it once or twice around the sac just above the nuts. Finally tie it off

You can have it tied in a bow for easy release, a knot, or however your Master or Mistress wants it. Once done, there may be a length of rope for your Mistress or Master to lead you around with or not. Either way, you'll find your balls securely dangling away from your body.

The benefits of tied balls can be many. First, if you ejaculate quickly (bad slave) then this might help. Everyone knows that when a male ejaculates, his balls draw up tight against the body. By having them pulled away, it may prolong the ejaculation. I have found this is the case for me. With my nuts pulled securely away, I have a raging hard on that seems to last forever. This is also a good process to stretch your ball sac. For those who want nuts hanging to their knees, this is a good way to work toward that. Your skin will stretch with time. Just don't leave this on all the time, you'll chaff and develop an infection...not good.

Now, for those that do not have a Master or Mistress interested in doing this, you can still do this too yourself. Simply follow the same guidelines and tie off your own balls. You'll enjoy the feeling and if you're prone to masturbation, you'll love the feeling of your nuts bouncing up and down while trapped at the bottom of your sac. I've done this many times myself while standing up with my legs slightly apart. It's awesome to feel your nuts swinging back and forth as you pump yourself into a huge ejaculation. Sometimes you'll find that your ejaculation will be more powerful and more satisfying with your balls tied. Just remember, after you have dumped that huge load into a cup or onto a towel, what would your Master or Mistress have you do with it? You have to clean that mess up don't you? :).......enjoy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Educational Masturbation

Years ago, shortly after I completed the photo shoot used in my profile picture, I was approached by one of the ladies who had worked on the set. She had worked with most of the female models and looked younger than she really was. I would have assumed, at first glance that she was between sixteen and eighteen years of age; however, since everyone had to be at least eighteen to work on the set, I was fairly sure she was at least of legal age. She introduced herself and said that she "liked what she saw." She then wanted to know if I was a true submissive or if this was just a photo shoot job for me.
To be honest, I wasn't really sure how to react to the question she placed in front of me. On one hand, I had known a long time about my submissive side; however, on the other hand few people really knew at that point in my life. I was running through my head that these people had my home address, my information for my check, and who knows what else about me. When I paused, it must have gave her a heads up or something because she quickly added, "Oh, if you're not or you're not interested, that's fine, I'll just..." I cut in quickly and found myself saying, "I am." She laughed for a moment and asked if I was submissive or just a model. When I told her that I was submissive, her smile grew a little. "Good," she said. "I'm having a get together this evening. My husband is out of town and I'm having some girlfriends over." She handed me a paper with her address. "Be there about seven, and" her smiled got a little wider, "You have to obey everything I say, okay?" I nodded and put the paper away in my bag.
That evening I arrived a little before seven and was shown to a bathroom. There, I was told to strip and wear only what was in the bathroom. I found a tight red thong-styled underwear (at this time I had no idea they made these for men) that shot up between my ass and felt very uncomfortable. I also found a black bow tie and a pair of white, military styled gloves. I had it all on for a few minutes when I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to see the young woman standing there in a nice evening dress. She smiled, "Perfect," she said. "You will call me Mistress for the evening, and do everything I say, okay?" Like an idiot, I found myself nodding again trying to move around to get my erection to at least not be so noticeable. She must have seen me doing this, because she smiled again and said, "Don't be shy with that."
During the evening I found that the gathering really wasn't much of a party get together. Counting "Mistress" there were a total of four ladies present. Two were older, maybe in their forties or even fifties. One lady, like Mistress, I thought looked too young to be at a get together. If I was going to guess, I would have said she was no older than fifteen. They drank, ate small snacks and sat around the living room listening to a record player with music form the Bangles and the Boss for the most part. I served the food and drinks for the most part. At just after midnight, Mistress called me into the center of the living room.
I stood there as she walked around me and toyed with my nipples and chest. Finally she allowed her fingers to glide down to the front of the black underwear where she ran the tips of her fingers up my enclosed shaft. I was instantly erect again after the hours had allowed me to die down. She looked to the other ladies, "I hope you have enjoyed my little slave here tonight. Now, I'm going to have him perform for us." The ladies all giggled like school girls, especially the one I thought was no more than fifteen.
I was told to remove the gloves, and underwear. The ladies then all sat beside each other on the long couch and I was instructed to stand in front of them. The coffee table was moved and I stood there looking at four attractive ladies in evening dresses. Mistress handed me a tube of KY and told me that I was going to perform for them and that I should start by making myself hard and not to cum until she allowed it.
This was my first real experience with jacking off in front of anyone. I found myself in front of four lovely ladies with a handful of KY and my man meat and stroking slowly. The two older ladies sat on either end of the couch and the young girl sat next to Mistress in the center. I was directly in front of Mistress. I continued to stroke fairly slow because I was afraid I'd loose it at the wrong time. Finally, Mistress starting encouraging me. She was saying things like, "That's a good boy. Beat that junk for me."
I could tell I was building up fast when one of the older ladies asked, "Will he cum soon?" I thought I would just from her asking. Mistress must have been able to tell because it was at that time that she moved slightly to the side and had the girl sitting next to her move to the middle of the couch, directly in front of me. I was at least two to three feet away from the young lady when Mistress said, "Watch him closely," she then turned her attention to me, "Slave," it was the first time she had called me that. "Cum now so this young lady can see how men jack off and cum."
Her words and the young girl in front of me was too much. I lost it and exploded right there. The two older ladies clapped and laughed as did Mistress. The young lady smiled as several small shots of my cum landed on her dress in various spots. I was sure I was going to be in trouble, but they all laughed just the same.
When I was finished, and exhausted, Mistress told me to go get dressed. I did so and remained in the bathroom until she came. She immediately walked me to the door. Once there, she thanked me and shared with me that the young girl was the same age as Mistress, they were both twenty-three; however, her friend was getting married in a few days and had never had sex or even seen a man cum. I had been invited there so that she could witness a man masturbating and cumming. She thanked me as she gently pushed me to the door. I turned to ask if I would see her again and she quickly said before I could say anything, "Goodbye Doug. Please loose this address and don't come back."
Being an obedient submissive and having agreed to follow her directives, I got rid of the address and never went back. A few days later I saw her on the final day of the photo shoot. She was working with the female models for make up again. She smiled at me once, but never said a word. I never saw her on another shoot after that and I kinda always wondered how her friend's marriage worked out.