Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just touching Base

Hi Readers, Just wanted to let you guys know I haven't forgotten the blog and the storyline. Don't worry, our hero will get to do his time travel and domination theme. I know it was much in the set-up for the story, but the meat is yet to come....

I also wanted to let you all know I'm planning to do some more of my own experiences on here. The current poll seems to indicate you all want both. However, I'd like to heard feedback on the stories too and other writings. Feedback is very encouraging, even if it's short. A "good job" is nice to see. Naturally, a "get over here and kneel in front of me would be fantastic to see!" One can

Again, please feel free to comment. I need to know how it is all being received.

thanks, doug

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Story: Time Dom

Nathan watched the bead of sweat slip from his neck, onto his chest and glide slowly toward his firm pecs. "Perfect," he thought as he watched in mirror. Just as the bead rolled over the top of his nipple, he swiped it away with his finger. He turned and looked to Charles. "Bout done?"

Charles wasn't the time to sit by and watch his sweat slide down his own nipples. He was hard at work pumping the iron into the air over his head. His shoulders ached, but it was the kind of ache they needed to keep him in optimal shape. He pushed the weights high into the air, glanced at Nathan and said, "Weights off." The weights disappeared into thin air. Just one of the many benefits of holographic technology and what it could do for the world.

"So, what are you thinking about doing," Nathan asked. He was putting on his slimming shirt while maintaing a constant view of himself in mirror.

Charles picked up a round disk and pushed the button. It flickered for a moment and then a picture of a young woman dressed in full armor appeared standing there on disk. She was wearing bright silver armor, a helmet and hold a sword. For a moment Nathan did not realize what period the dress was from, but then it occurred to him and he smiled. "Who is she," he asked?

"That my dear boy," Charles said as he flicked off the image. "Is one Joan or Arc, or at least it is her during her heyday."

"She was what...about eighteen when she died?" Nathan continued to dress.

"Nineteen, with long flowing red hair and rumor has it a cherry that's never been popped," he winked at Nathan. "At least not according to history."

Nathan sat down and shook his head. "You know the rules. You can't mess with anyone who might have an impact on history. If you go to this girl, you run the risk of being fined or even prison time."

Charles sat down and smiled. He moved closer as if to tell a big secret. "She was in chains in jail under the watch of guards. It's thought that she had schizophrenia or even some other mental illness. It's perfect. I slip in as a guard, use this little saint and slip out. I'll even give her something to make her a little more delusional for the execution."

"You know she was burned at the stake, right?"

"Sure," Charles shrugged. "Doesn't matter to me. I'm just looking to add a little more history to my life."

Nathan laughed out loud. "Add a little more history to your life? You mean like you did that Betty Page girl you visited in the past?"

Charles smiled as he remembered, "Yeah, she was a straight arrow model, but a little time in front of her master and in chains and she was ready to model it for the world."

Heading to the door, Nathan added, "Well, just be careful. Screw with the wrong submissive in the past at the wrong time and you'll end up someone's sub in our time." He winked, "They'd likely give you cock and ass to me just for punishment."

End Part I

Monday, July 8, 2013

BDSM Visitors

Hi all...your Texas Dog Slave here. I just wanted to thank everyone for reading. As you may know blogspot has a page that tells how many visitors have been to a site. On average we see anywhere from a low 30 visitors a day up to 85-100 a day. This all adds up to over 43,000 page visits since this site started. I am so grateful to all of you for visiting. All the Doms and Domme's out there taking time, thank you. All the fellow slaves or want-to-be slaves, thank you for reading too. My initial quest as you know was to simply make contact with a new Dom or Domme seeking an experienced bondage pet. To this date, I have not found one. I find it interesting that with over 43,000 visitors, most do not seem interested in linking up. While I could continue to tell you all the experiences I've had over the years, I'm considering changing direction and simply doing bondage fiction throughout most of the site. This, as a mix of real life and potential life, might give the Domme and Doms out there looking some ideas. It might give the slaves something to consider, and it might give the want-to-be's something to help you make it through...well, the night I guess. Over the next few weeks there will be a poll (not that kind of poll) on this page to the right. Please vote on how you would like this site to go. If I don't get a lot of votes, then I may let it go dormant. I don't think it really matters how many readers I have if I can't connect with you on individual basis. So, please look over the poll and consider voting. Thanks! Yours (could be with a brand new collar) doug

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When BDSM Slaves Grow Old

I was recently considering my own life. I started in this world of service when I was in my late teens. All through my youth I had yearned to "be lead" and controlled. By the time I was 19 I was in a couple of photo shoots in the Dallas area. I was being used on a regular basis for fun and parties and in my mid-20's I already had a master and two mistresses. Then, as many of you know, I met in my mid 30's a wonderful Mistress in a wheelchair. She controlled me for the next several years before she died. Now I am faced at 45 with few prospects. It seems that most of the Dominant men and women seek young slaves. They seem to want that 19-25 year old range so they can "grow" them up and make them the slave they want. And, I must admit that at 45 my jewels dangle a little more than they used too.... But, overall I feel like I have a lot to offer. There has been some young women, interested in learning, approach me. Sadly, even though they were in the 19-30 range, none of them were serious about having a slave. They all basically wanted to "play with the idea" of having a male serve them. I remember one college co-ed that was 21 a couple of years ago meeting with me. We met in her dorm and then went to her room. When I knelt down in front of her, she asked me what I was doing. I responded that I was showing respect and assuming my position of service. Turns out she wanted her dorm room cleaned. I completed the task upon which she said, "Damn, you really will do anything won't you. Well, you're not fucking me tonight." I tried to explain that having intercourse was not my goal...although with this young lady I would not have had a problem with that had I been ordered to do so....but instead it was to serve. She laughed and hurried me out the door saying something about me being "too old for anything other than cleaning." The bottom line (no pun intended) is that an old slave can sometimes be the best. He or she knows what to do and how to do it. The old slave can introduce the young dominant to a world of pleasure, fun, and and eventually, after a little reverse training, the young dominate will hold a leash to a collar of a well trained, and collared, dedicated older slave.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Condom Required to Ride

One of the things I have always been insistent on is condoms when it comes to anal sex. If you're a man and you're going to violate my back door, then I insist on a condom. As a slave, I understand that condoms anal sex will likely happen. I also understand that it may not always be from my preferred type. Given a choice, I'd had only female dominants bending me over the table, bed, or couch, but sometimes I don't get my choice...such is a life of a bondage slave. It was one of those interesting nights when a game was being played by an owner's group that I had to insist on a condom. Three of the slaves, myself included, was strapped down on a hardwood table. We each had a pillow under us to ensure now damage or severe pain, our arms were tied in front of us (basically above our heads) our feet were spread by a small spreader bar and our asses were up for open inspection. This is a very humbling position for a male or female slave. For the male, not only is his ass and glory hole shinning to the world, but his balls are hanging down freely between his legs. A female has her glory hole showing and her prize often opening slightly for anyone to examine. On this particular night a slave named Jeff was on my left and a slave named Tina was on my right. I had been around Jeff a few times, but Tina was new and you could tell by her wide eyes that she wasn't sure what she had gotten into. It was going to be interesting. The game was simple, three men would be selected, each a dominate male. Each male would then be randomly assigned one of the slaves. He would position himself behind the slave, lube up and enter the slave's glory hole. A timer would start and basically each male would ride his slave and try to be the first to cum. The winner got a case of beer (big prize I know) and for added fun the loser had to masturbate his own slave in front of the others. Everyone lined up and glanced over my shoulder and notice that David, the dominant who was about to enter me, did not pick up a condom. He picked up the lube and got ready to start. The other two were putting condoms on. I immediately looked to my owner in the crowd and mouthed my safe word. My owner walked up and told David to put a condom on. David complained that it would feel right and he'd have no feeling, etc, but my owner insisted and said without it I would not participate. He finally agreed. A few moments later I was grunting along with the other slaves. I glanced at Tina and realized that even though she may be a new slave, she sure liked anal. She was biting her lip and half smiling as her dominant male was plowing her. In a minute or so there was a winner, and then a second place winner, and finally the last one (dominants always get to cum at these games regardless of their position in the finish). David did not come in first, but he wasn't last either. We all got to relax and watch as the losing Dominant masturbated his own slave for everyone's pleasure. Fortunately, his slave was a female and it was good to get to watch her cum after having David's rod up my ass....