Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue Ball Party

Years ago I was involved in a little event where making the slave blue balled was the focus. It was a simple little event at an owner's party where other owners brought their male slaves (as this doesn't work with females), and tied them to a bar along the wall. The part was actually part of a dance studio so it worked nice to have mirrors all around too.

Each slave was securely tied and able to see the other slaves. Once everyone was in place, a spreader bar was added. Some very good ear plugs were then put into each slave's ears. A test was done to see if he could hear and then a black, solid hood was added. Most ear plugs I had ever been around allowed some noise to get through, but these allowed almost none. This sensation was wild. I knew the other slaves were also done the same way, but I had no idea who was coming into the room or what they were doing. We had not been told in advance that we were part of a blue ball party.

To this day, I have no idea of the events that happened to the other slaves, but I know that within a short time I felt hands on my cock. I couldn't hear anything, but I was fairly certain that the hands were those of a female. I did not know if it was someone slave, a Domme, or who. The fact is for all I knew it could have been anybody. However, whoever this person was she had magic hands. Within seconds I was rock hard and starting to feel the urge to unload.

As you can imagine, the second my hips started moving to the stroking I felt the hands move away. I humped into the air a few times as if I was going to find those wonderful hands and then stopped. A short time passed and then the hands were back. This time they were different though, I was sure they were still female, but they were different.

Now having different hands did not mean a different outcome. I mean after all, I am a slave...not a dead dog. So, within seconds I was once again left hanging and humping the air to no good. This went on for what seemed like hours. There were male hands, female hands, lotion added, and then some dry rubs as well. This all served to simply frustrate me more.

Remember, I could not hear or see, so I had no idea what was going on in the room. After what seemed like a lifetime, someone removed the spreader bar, untied my wrist, then handcuffed my hands behind my back, and snapped a leash into my collar. Two rough hands seemed to line me up behind the tight leash lead, and then give me a push. This indication was soon clear, I was to blindly and deaf from the ear plugs, simply follow the pull of the leash.

I did follow the pull and found out quickly that I had a huge pain in my balls. I had been effectively blue balled by all the stroking without release. I stumbled a couple of times trying to keep up. I wanted so bad to grab my cock and hold it up while I walked because of the pain in my balls. I remembered only once almost falling down, but the strong hands were there to keep me straight.

Later that night I asked my owner when we were home what had been the aim of the events. I was informed that each slave was worked up to the point of frustration and then lead across the floor just as I was. A group of Dominant judges then voted on the slave most able to walk straight while blue balled. Apparently part of the party had been watching the slaves get all worked up and then walked. I asked who won and was promptly told that I was a slave and that was none of my business. Sadly, I never was allowed to relieve all the stress built up in my balls. I assumed that maybe the winner had some sort of release for the groups enjoyment.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Ways to Test a Submissive Slave

A slave is someone who has agreed to submit himself or herself to the ownership and control of someone else. A slave is submissive at heart and in a good, healthy relationship that slave and owner should have a loving relationship with the power in the hands of the owner. Unfortunately, in this world there are many "want-to-be" slaves. These are men or women who love the idea of being a slave, but are not true slaves at heart. In other words, they play around with the idea. We all know the type. They sit behind the computer screen looking at domination pictures and jacking off. They may actually have a partner and imagine that partner holding them down during sex. They may even convince a partner to "tie" them up loosely and "take control". However, when the true moment comes to submit, the truth becomes that the person really liked the idea of being a slave and cumming and not the actual event of being the slave.

In the past I have served some very intelligent Mistress' and Masters. I say they were intelligent because they knew how to find the real slave and not the phony want to be slaves. It happened to occur to me recently that, while they had some ideas very much different about handling a slave, they all had the same view on determining a true slave. Here's a few things they have done to determine if someone is a true slave, or submissive, or if that person is simply wanting to get off on the idea:

1. Denial of gratification - simply put they don't let their slave's cum. They control the outcome (pun intended) to the point where a male slave is severely blue-balled and the female slave is denied satisfaction. You can imagine the ways.

2. No sex- the submissive is willing to...well, submit. Some have them clean the house, wash cars, cook, or other domestic chores. There is no gratification for the slave in the way of sex or the ability to even provide sexual favor for the owner. They make them a domestic slave until such time as they determine the true nature.

3. Public Display - I have to admit this was safer in the days before digital cameras and phone cameras, but basically they said, "Here's your outfit and leash. Oh, and by the way I have a half dozen friends coming over for a party. You will serve drinks in this outfit." You can imagine what, if anything, the outfit looked like on the slave. I did this once with nothing but cowboy boots, and a black mask on. Needless to say the idea of dong flopping around in front of ten gay men shook me up a little and greatly entertained my Mistress at the time. Well, at least they enjoyed it all.

4. Cum Dumpster - This was one of my first test as a slave. I was hot, I mean hot for my Mistress. I had imagined all the hot stuff we were going to do and I was going to put it to her. When the time came for sexual gratification, I found myself on all fours licking gently and aggressively between her legs. This did nothing but build my anticipation. After satisfying my Mistress, she took my cock, gently stroked it a few times and stopped the minute I started to unload. As you can imagine it just shot out into the air with my basically humping my hips while I was searching for her hand. She had made me put on a rubber, which I foolishly thought was for sex, but ultimately it seemed to deaden my sensation. I humped the air, moaned and fell back. You can likely see the horror that went through my eyes when She told me to take it off and suck the contents out. This was my first time of being a "cum dumpster". Oh, and just for those a little excited by this....yes, I've been a cum dumpster for myself and others many times.

5. Watch the fun - this is likely the cruelest way to test the slave. You think you're it basically and that your Master or Mistress wants only you. In the end you watch Him or Her have sex with someone else. The first time this happened my owner had me tied in the room where I could see the bed. My owner then brought in a partner, kissed a few times, watched my cock get hard, laughed and turned out the lights. I could see nothing (unfortunately men are visual creatures) and all I could do was listen to the moaning and the movement of the bed. I don't mind saying I was one blue-balled boy when that was over.

There are several other ways to test a slave's true desire, but the above ways I've seen in action on several occasions.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Considering Future Options

I was recently talking with a friend of mine and she suggested that I write erotic fiction. Her point was simple, she said I write decent, I have my own background to use, and I know a lot about other people and things they've done. It's something I'm considering at this time.

Let's face it, a slave in his 40s has little chance of finding someone desiring to have a Domination/sub relationship. It's very hard to find. Most people have already settled down with their slaves and I'm not spring chicken anymore. I mean really, why do you think I use a picture from my twenties for this site? Nonetheless though, I could at least write, maybe build a small following, and maybe even make a living at it. It would be nice to write full time I think, but who knows what would happen.

On the other hand, I have to keep in mind that some young person may come along looking for a slave and pick me. Even if he or she did, the writing would still be good for income I believe. Who knows, I could end up writing stories about a hot twenty-something year old dominating and pushing an old forty something year old to his limits. It could make good fiction or maybe reality....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Perfect Male Nipples

Years ago I was told that I had the perfect nipples for torture. Seeing how I was being tortured at the time by my owner, I saw no reason to argue, question or really even give much thought to the clamps that were affectionately being applied to my sensitive nipples...well or "Tits" as my owner was calling them at the time.

The other day as I climbed out of the shower and was drying off in front of the mirror, I once again remember being told I had "perfect nipples." I stood there for a few moments with the towel around my waist taking each nipple between my finger and thumb and giving it a gentle pinch. I became very aware that I have these tight, pointed little "man-nips" that seem to stick out and say put a clamp on me. I went to the other room, took out a clamp and gently clamped each nipple.

I returned to the bathroom and looked in the mirror at the clamps. They seemed to set perfectly on my nipples and there was no pain. Each nipple fit perfectly into the end of the clamp. As I stood there remembering the session and thinking about how good the clamps felt, I couldn't help but notice the front of the towel was gently rising. My perfect nipples for torture had apparently notified my cock that nipple clamps feel good.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ultimate High of this Slave

A slave is is usually seeking something when he or she seeks an owner. While most slave will say, "I want to serve," or "be used," or even "be owned," they are ultimately seeking something in return. After spending years at the feet of various owners, friends, and even photographers, I have found that there is one something I seek.

For example, recently a very hot Domme had me so heated on Twitter it was not even funny. Most of our conversation was simple discussions about likes and dislikes, but she said (or typed) two things that really turned me on. First, she somewhat humbled me by putting me down in her words. In other words she abused me verbally. The second thing she did was a statement. She said she wanted to "tie my hands to my ankles with me bent to touching the floor while my legs were in a spreader bar and stoke my cock from behind until I was almost ready to cum, stop, start again, and do this until I had a huge load to drink." Naturally, she meant for me to drink the huge load. When I read her post, in several different messages, I could feel myself pushing against the restraints of my pants zipper. In other words I could feel myself being in that position.

I have also had this "hot" feeling when females or males have told me they would "squeeze my balls until" I cum all over the place before as well. What I have found is these are feelings, or fantasy ideas. I don't know that I want someone to really squeeze my balls until I cum since I would likely be damaged severely; however, the first idea of being tied to my legs has come true before and is very hot.

Ultimately, this slave is looking to be used in some manner and the fantasy is generally some sexual form. As a slave I do not think about washing dishes, cleaning a home, making a bed or even taking out the trash for my owner as being hot. I don't get excited about these ideas in other words despite the fact they might be part of the package. What works me up is Sexual acts whether for the amusement of my owner or enjoyment of my owner and myself, work me to a moment of exceptional and outstanding feelings. For me there is nothing better than the heavy and hot breathing after a moment of sexual explosion when my owner says, "You need to clean this up." This for me could be the floor, a cup, a leg, a foot, or anywhere where the explosion of climax has ended. It's the ultimate high!