Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hose over the hose

The first time I wore panty hose was years ago. I was on a date with a very dominant female and she decided that I should wear the hose for the night. Following each command, I removed my boots, socks, jeans, and underwear. I had to keep my shirt on. Since it was a tuck in button down shirt, it didn't take too long for the cool air to cause the front to start lifting up. Yeah, i was excited as this wonderful woman inspected me.

Next I had to put on the panty hose only, then my jeans and socks (over the hose for the boots) and my boots. She then asked me how it felt to be a "big fucking cowboy in panty hose." I naturally told her that it felt right if that was what she wanted.

We went to a movie, out to eat, a nice drive and back to her place. Everywhere we went I was so freaking turned on by the feel of the hose over my hose. I thought I was going to bust by the time we got back to her place. This wonderful Domme was not your usual one. She was really turned on by the idea that I had worn the hose all night. We got back, I was ordered to strip, but keep the hose on. She tore an opening in the front of the hose where I had already spilt some pre-cum, handed me a rubber, told me to "hood-it" and get on the bed. We screwed for what seemed like hours with me wearing her hose. Since I almost always wear cowboy boots, she didn't miss a beat in the morning when she got you, slapped my butt, and said, "You've been a good cowboy slut now haven't you?" Yes...yes, I was a good cowboy slut... :)