Friday, December 3, 2010

Destroying Your Slave's Self Worth

While some Doms and Dommes would like to be nice and cuddle their slaves and use them as they please, let's face it there are some Doms and Dommes who want nothing more than to destroy their slave's self worth. For these, it is the ultimate form of domination. Their view is you can only spank a slave, take his or her money, and dominate them so far and the slave remains a person. The view is to totally dominate the slave's body, finance, and mind, you have to destroy the self-worth of the slave. Once you do this, you (the Dom or Domme) own this slave 100%.

There are several ways of doing this. Some have taken compromising pictures of their slaves and sent them to the family. Unfortunately, this is cruel to the family and does not destroy the slave's self worth, only his or her family relationships. Others have had them nude at parties, invited the slave's ex over to watch, used them for show, etc to reach the destruction of the self worth. These are all great to an extent, but remember, you want to completely destroy your slave's self worth.

There are a few argued ways to do this, but I have seen two work wonders. I have seen fellow slaves crumble under these conditions and become docile, never leaving their owner's sides and being totally obedient. The first is to give your slave to another slave. Simply put, lower the slave you want destroyed on your rung and have another slave own him or her. If the slave is a female, give her to a male slave that has not been allowed release in several weeks. Likewise, if the slave is a male, give him to a female. It may take some time, but before long the self worth will crumble. I saw one female slave in tears one time at the thought of not being with her master and being owned by a male slave. The male slave, to his credit, to full advantage of the situation and basically screwed the female slave's mind out. Before it was over, she never wanted to leave her master and had no self worth. She was made lower than low on the slave rating.

The other form of destruction that I have seen work is the humiliation factor with another dominant. This generally works with straight or gay slaves and rarely works with bisexual slaves. It is simple, whenever your slave is to have sexual release, you require it to be done by the same sex. It can be a friend, a lover of the Dom or Domme, or even another slave. This one worked really well on your's truly. I was a slave for a few years when my Domme decided I had too much self-worth. She arranged for one of her male friends to be serviced by me. Being straight, this was the worst thought in the world to me. To make matters worse, she invited friends over that we both knew and allowed them to watch me service her male friend. My own self worth was completely destroyed when one of her friends starting laughing and pointing at my own erection as I sucked off the male friend. After I had finished, she allowed him to bring me off. At the time I had never been serviced or serviced a male before in my life. Tears were rolling down my face as I emptied my load into his hand. I stayed with this Domme, needless to say, for years and felt totally worthless unless she allowed me a small amount of self worth. That was rare, but I was devoted until she decided she no longer needed me.

So, as you can see, destroying your slave's self worth is an important part of the domination process. Consider the above options and maybe you'll come up with your own. And, as it stands, I am still in need of a Dom or Domme to destroy my self worth again. ;)