Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pie Eating Contest

I have to admit that one of my favorite Mistress of all time had a great game she called "The Pie Eating Contest". As you can likely imagine, it always had to do with a slave between a Mistress' legs and enjoying the taste and smell of a vagina. The rules were simple. The first slave, using only his or her mouth, to make the Mistress cum won. Depending on the mood of the Mistress, this ended in a couple of different ways.

The winner never knew for sure what he or she would get. If you won, it might be the joy of having the slave who lost make you cum. Imagine how hot it was for me on days when one of my Mistress' friends would bring a hot female slave. I'd get hard just think about the lips of that slave wrapped softly around my cock after I won the event. Hell, even with a male I'd get hot thinking about it! I'd do everything in my power to ensure I won and then hope for this fantastic outcome.

Naturally, there was always other possibilities for the winner. One time, I remember the winner had to tie up the other slave in extremely tight and uncomfortable bondage and then return to ensure the Mistress who missed out on cumming, got to cum. The only benefit, besides making Mistress cum, was you usually got to lay at their feet or sit on the floor beside them and watch the movie afterwards while the other slave was left alone tied up for the two hour movie.

The trick to this games was Mistress would never allow a slave to service his or her own Mistress. After all, any slave well trained should already be able to make his or her Mistress cum. So, usually with a party of two Mistress and two slaves, I'd have to service my owner's friend. Part of the fun depended on how the Mistress felt. They could add fun to the game by not showing for the day, going to gym first, or simply not shaving for a few days prior to the event.

I remember one night in particular that it was the "No Shower, and Out Dancing" night. Both my Mistress and her friend returned home and checked the house. My counterpart and I had cleaned the house, prepared a snack for the evening and set up the living room. Both Mistress' came in and my owner announced we would conduct the game. My Mistress' friend had brought a young hot female slave that I had honestly found it hard, no pun, not to spend the evening staring at her. They always had us do our clean up with our collar's on and nothing else. At the time I must have been twenty-six and she looked every bit of a juicy eighteen. Naturally, the caliber of people I served would never have a minor. When it was announced that there was going to be a "Pie Eating Contest," this sweet young blonde looked horrified. I had no doubt that she had seen me watching her all through the night. I instantly starting getting excited. I could just see her mouth warped firmly on my pole. My Mistress must have detected this and immediately said, "Tonight, the winner will get to chose his or her method to have self-satisfaction." Again, there was that lost look, "Oh, don't worry honey," said my Mistress. "If you win, you can fuck him in the ass with a dildo, have sex with him, or simply have him eat you out. It will be fun."

You have to keep in mind that no slave is ever forced to do something, so this young beauty had to agree that she would play the game. This was, after all her first time. Mistress looked at me and smiled, "And if you win you can fuck her or have her suck you...but we're going to watch whatever you get." By this time in my service, I had not problem with an audience. They could have an entire group of people in the room and I'd do what I was going to do. I decided right then and there that when I won, I was going to slow hump this pretty thing until the cows came home and the bull was empty!

We were each handcuffed with our hands behind our backs....remember, only your face can be used. I got down in front of Mistress' friend and was ready to go. The smell was awful. I could smell the smell of sweat. I keep my thoughts on the prize. When Mistress said "Go!" We each dove in as quickly as we could.

I immediately used my nose (a nice large to work my way to Mistress' clit. From there I started licking like a crazy man. I could feel the Mistress's legs tighten on my head and pull me in. I knew I hd this in the bag. As I sucked and licked quickly, I heard something that was a little concerning coming from my Mistress. This blond slave's head was moving rapidly up and down and back and forth. My Mistress was starting to cum! I was horrified as I realized this little slut must have been putting on when she acted nervous, because she knew exactly what she was doing. Within a moment, my Mistress was moaning and flouncing like a fish out of water. She had cum within a minute. I was still trying to build up. As I raised my head slightly, the Mistress I was serving grabbed my hair and pulled me back in saying, "You lost slut boy, but you ain't finished yet!"

I "finished" my service when the Mistress I was serving convulsed and came. Arrangements were made with the little blond slave on how she wanted to cum. A few minutes later she came out of the back with my Mistress' strapon arranged to where it would give her the best satisfaction. I was forced face down with my ass up in the air. No handcuffs, no restraints....I simply had to take it like a man...or like a woman might. The young blond came up behind me after I had lubed my own ass up and lubed her dildo. She leaned down beside me and whispered softly in my ear, "I saw you watching me all night slut. You thought I didn't know anything didn't you? Now I'm going to show you how to use a dildo and open you up like a virgin hole. You can tell all your friends that a twenty year old newbie ripped your ass tonight....."

Within a moment she was behind me. In another moment I grunted as I felt the huge dildo open me up. I heard my Mistress laugh and say, "Slow fuck him so he remembers it." The blond slave laughed, "Yes Mistress. He will remember me for a long time," and with that I felt the dildo inside me start to expand a little.....I had forgotten that my Mistress owned an expandable strapon. I grunted as they all laughed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ring My Bell

Looking back fondly I can remember a lot of games I’ve been involved in since becoming a true submissive. I can remember a number of games that had to do with me cumming in one fashion or another, but one of the fun little games that occurred a few years ago I only participated in once. Maybe it only occurred once because the Domme was new and wanted to fit in so she introduced the idea she had, or maybe I’ve just never been involved since.

It was a normal evening with Domme and Doms roaming the room. The slaves were either chained close to their owners, or carrying food trays and drink trays around. Unlike many parties, we were clothed in neat clothing and the only way you knew a Domme or Dom from a slave was by the collar around the slave’s neck. I for one was happy to not be strutting around in my birthday suit in front of strangers for once. I made the rounds offering drinks and accepting a nice little pat on my backside occasionally.

It had been a fairly slow party when my owner came to me and said that she and another Domme had an idea for a game. I was going to play. I followed her and the other slave into a bedroom where the door was locked and we were both told to strip.

Naturally it did take long for two nude males to become a little aroused in the cool air of the room. Our Domme’s seemed to like this as the friend of my owner, named Liz apparently, walked over and tied a little red string with a small collar styled bell on her slave’s cock. My owner did the same. Again, we both became semi-hard, but Liz said this was good because it made the game more fun.

The game was simple. We would stand with our hands behind our necks with our legs wide apart. Each Domme would attend to the other’s slave so Liz would be doing me. The Domme would use a feather and tickle the sub anyway she wished. The first one to move too much and ring the bell lost a point.

I don’t know how many rounds the game could have had, but they set a ten round limit. We were both encouraged to try not to ring the bell, because the loser would have to suck off the winner. My Domme assured me that she had a copy of Liz’s slave’s most recent test and he was clean. I knew I was as I also had my test on a regular basis with my Domme. However, should the winner wish, he could wear a condom during his ceremony. The loser had no choice.

About five minutes into the contest I was winning three to two. Another five minutes and the score was five to three. I have never been overly ticklish, but I must admit that Liz knew how to use a feather. She would run it over my chest and then stop just on the tip of the head of my cock before making a little swish motion that almost always caused me to bounce. Once I bounced, the bell would ring. Fortunately, at the end of about fifteen minutes, I was declared the winner, six to four.

Liz’s slave knelt down and removed the bell from my cock. I looked down at him and then into the eyes of my Domme. My eyes remained locked with hers as I received one of the best blowjobs of my entire life. This man either really liked cock, or he was well trained in how to worship one. Within a few moments I felt my body begin to tremble. Another few minutes and I felt the familiar jolt through my cock that indicated that the slave sucking so well was now swallowing globs of cum. I know my facial expressions must have changed because both Dommes were now smiling at me.

A moment later Liz and her slave were gone and I was left sitting on the edge of the bed with my owner. She asked how I felt and I replied “good.” I was left alone for a little while as a reward for winning…something that was greatly appreciated since I was weak in the knees and drained better than I had been in months. I’m not sure about Liz and her slave since I haven’t seen them since the party. My Domme had known her for sometime apparently. I do know that when I left the party with my leash in my owner’s hand, I saw Liz and her slave leaving. He was driving her in her car and I think he smiled at me as he passed.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Slaves down on Lonely Street

It was a 1950s Elvis Presley song that sounded out the words, "I'm down at the end of Lonely Street...." It seems that is where a lot of submissive men find them themselves these days....hanging out on Lonely Street. The fact is it's easy for a female submissive or female domme to find an abundance of Doms, Domme's or slaves. It's harder for the male submissive to find a Dom or Domme. I would like to think that there are simply more fewer submissive women and fewer Doms and Domme's out there than there are submissive men, but that simply wouldn't make much sense. It seems hard to believe that all the slaves hanging out on Lonely Street are fat, middle-aged men with fantasies of some hot young Domme spanking them....only to find that when reality sets in they chicken out. I simply can not believe they are all simple computer geeks hiding behind keyboards....there's bound to be a pool of real slaves seeking. Unfortunately for those real slaves like myself, when we do get out on twitter (Slave_4_Collar) or out on Yahoo and Google, ninety percent of the time I find Domme's seeking a dime only. There are tons of these Dommes out there. They will tell you what to do as long as you provide the financial follow up. I had a recent conversation with one that told me to go jack off in a cup, drink it, and buy her a tribute to show my gratitude for her allowing me to cum. Consequently, I jacked off, I drank it and I did not send any tribute. Sorry, I just can't pay from back here on Lonely Street. So the question becomes, what's a sub to do? Does he just give up and try to find his own submissive woman or man that he can occasionally switch roles with to get his own thrills? Would it be better to just give up and find a nice mate? Maybe pop the submissive side later in the relationship and see what happens? Or is the sub doomed to stay on Lonely Street forever? To tell the truth, I haven't found the answer. I maintain this blog in hopes of feedback. Even when I get feedback that says something like, "If you were mine, I'd...." it's nice. Even if that person has no intention of ever placing a collar around my neck, it's cool to know people are reading. Too often, I hope back into my blog and find there's been a good readership with no comments. I've also noticed on my blog that the more I describe my self training, or sexual acts completed alone, the more feedback I get. So if I describe how I sometimes tie a belt around my neck, pull it tight, and then jack off while I'm starting to black out, have a huge cum, and wake up to find the belt loose and cum splattered across my legs, more people will respond. But ultimately, like so many slaves down on Lonely Street, I want more. I want to have a Domme or Dom that I can wake up at the foot of the bed and serve breakfast too, that I can massage in a large tub, that will force me to wear a cock cage despite my throbbing hard on each time I think about them, and maybe in the end an owner that will remove that cage from time-to-time and allow me to pump it with a belt or noose tight around my neck and balls. I know, it all sounds like too much, but somewhere out there there is a Dom or Domme who is searching for that slave that is me....maybe if you meet them, you can just point them down Lonely Street.