Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Self Preparations for a new Master or Mistress

After many years of serving Masters and Mistress I can tell you one thing that is true about all of them. They are all different. Some of them want their slaves bald from top to bottom, some want fat slaves, some want thin slaves, some want hairy slaves, and some want cut and some want uncut slaves. Each Master or Mistress is an individual....if you want to be a slave you have to remember that. While you are basically nothing, or I should say that you have no real say, your Master or Mistress will have specific things they want you to be, do, and/or fulfill. However, regardless of an Owner's preference, there is a few things you can do to be ready, regardless of their expectations. Keep in mind, don't do these if you know it's against an Owner's preference.
Here You Go: 1. Be neat - shave your face, have your hair groomed (regardless of length) trim your public hair. If you have hair everywhere, leave it if you don't know...even if your Master or Mistress turns out to want you clean shaven, it's easier to do it after you know, than to do it before. However, the two areas you want neat is your face and your pubic area. Trim all the hair around your cock and balls, but no reason to go clean shaven unless you know in advance. Female slaves, shave your legs, and trim your bush. Let's be honest, a new Master or Mistress isn't going to like hairy legs and if they do end up examining your bush, you don't want them to have to go through a jungle to see the prize.
2. Dress neat - they are looking at not only how neat your body is, but what sort of looker are you in public. Wear nice clothing. Jeans should be neat, shirts pressed. Treat meeting a potential Mistress or Master as if you're going to an interview....because you are. Now, don't go to a biker bar like this, or to a corporate meeting, but in a general meeting, like a restaurant, small bar, etc, be neat and appear decent. Females should also dress neat, but you may decide to wear an attractive dress. No major rings or ear rings, be modest in this area. Wearing your Gor slave bracelet might be nice, unless your potential owner has no idea what Gor is, then it's just a waste.
3. Be honest - If you're fat, you're fat. Don't send them a picture of a super model and tell them you are going to rock their world if your tits bounce on your knees when you jog. Men, don't send them a picture of someone's tight abs and huge cock, if you're flabby with a fat cock. Nothing will turn a Master or Mistress off more than that.
4. As questions - simple questions during a meeting should be okay. Such things as "What do you seek in a slave?" "What is your ideal night with your slave?" "Is this a domestic slave, or sexual slave?" "What aspects of my life do you want to control?" Remember, while you are submissive, you still have to be happy or the relationship will just be boring for you both.
Final thoughts- be attracted to the person. If you are that hot blond, or hot guy and you show up and the guy weighs in at three hundred and has cheese dripping off his face, is this a turn on for your? Is this guy going to get your motor running by paddling your ass or making you masturbate while he watches. The bottom line is the relationship of a slave and Master or Mistress is a "Relationship". You have to be happy. I have personally had heavy set Mistresses, skinny ones, and neat looking Masters. I am, however, very open as a slave. My Mistress, the one many of you may have read about that died a few years ago, was heavy set in a wheelchair. To me it was very erotic to be owned and told what to do by someone bound to a wheelchair. It was intoxicating and my cock spent most of the time at attention and begging for more attention. I don't know if I could do that again at this point in my life. I am, however, looking for someone who will dominate me emotionally, but sexually as well. If I'm attracted to him or her, then we're on the right track, if I'm not, then I'm doing a potential Master or Mistress a disservice to try to serve.
I hope this helps you as you're looking for your new Master or Mistress....as for me, I'm still hanging out there in the wind and searching. Maybe my King or Queen will come along soon.