Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Slave's Private Time

If you're a slave, you must have been in the position of self-gratification at some point. Face it, before you were collared, maybe like me after you've been alone for a while, or maybe you have just found a time to sneak away and pop out some baby making juice into a cup or toilet. Anyway it goes, you've found time to jack that weeny off! If you say you haven't, then you're a lying dog...well, I guess we're all dogs when we're slaves right?

Anyway, I've done it more lately simply because I'm not collared right now. I've got some great prospects though. Some have left emails on here, some like (KissMyKittyKat on Twitter) just make me want to jack off thinking about her holding my leash. Unfortunately, none of my prospects have worked out. The closest I came (no pun intended ) was having a date with a Domme in Houston. It fell through because of my car and as she should, she got another slave. So, what's a slave to do with private time? Imagination.... That's all a slave can do.

So, for the lonely slave out there, I'm going to paint you a couple of times that you might want to try imagining. First, remember if you're a true slave, you might be collared by a Male, Female, or a Couple. Even if you swear you're straight as an arrow, that will just make it all the more fun for a Male Dom. I must admit that lately, the thought of sucking a huge cock gets me all worked up...well, that's another story..and by the way, I'm generally considered straight, but I'm a slave so I know my owner may one day present a huge cock for my oral service...again, different story.

So, what does the lonely slave do? Well, first you have to consider what you seek. Remember, if you don't get some relief, then the first time your new owner puts a collar on your neck you'll shoot your load all over the floor. So, I generally practice. I do this several different ways.

1. I may look at BDSM pictures. This is always good. I don't look at the really hot Dommes and Doms, instead I look for the regular pictures with heavy people. Face it, you're not likely to get a hot Domme like the ones you see in magazines. To be frank, you'll get an overweight Woman wanting to have some fun. Practice jacking while looking at regular pictures or imagining an average looking Domme or Dom. Don't look at muscle man because it ain't likely to happen.

2. The second thing you might want to do is work on stamina. Try jacking off a little and then stopping. Do this several times until it aches in your nuts to have them hitting the bottom of your hand. At that point, jack off fast and hard until you unload. This builds stamina for the long haul, but also toughens up your nut area just in case you have a game of "Slave Blue Balls" to go through.

3. Build your ability to stand. Face it, some Dommes and Doms are going to want you to stand up while they do whatever to you. You're going to get weak legs and weak in the knees. One way I like to build my leg strength is to straddle the toilet, squat down, and jack off. I have to concentrate on jacking, have my legs wide (as I may have to do later) and my knees bent. By doing this I build strength in my legs, arms, and gut as I hold myself up.

That's pretty much it for practice. Naturally there are those times you just want to lay back, jack off really good, and feel the hot spunk tracing up your chest. Just remember, in a real Domme or Dom relationship, you may not ever be in that position, even during a slave's private time.

Friday, February 3, 2012

You might be a slave if....

Hi all! I had a little fun lately with some post on twitter (Slave_4_Collar) where I posted my "You might be a slave if..." run. It was great fun and got me a few RT's in the Twitter World! I also landed a huge compliment from a Professional Domme (BaronessV) I'm greatly humbled by that one, even without being in a humbler.

Anyway, long story short, I thought I'd shoot off a few, lines that is, not something else.... I haven't done that in a few days now hoping for some fun in Houston. Okay, without further chatter, here we go:

You might be a slave if have no idea handcuffs are meant to restrain criminals.

You might be a slave if someone says, "Get down," and you automatically drop to your knees.

You might be a slave if you look forward to airport security pat down checks.

You might be a slave if you find yourself looking at dog collars and preparing to buy one, when you don't have a dog.

You might be a slave if you think cat collars would make good ball restraints.

You might be a slave if after sex your partner says clean it up and you assume you should use your mouth.

You might be a slave if you think pigs in a blanket is talking about bondage.

You might be a slave if someone says "Kiss me," and you think they mean to start at their feet.

You might be a slave if each time you see a bondage picture online you think, "I could handle being in that."

You might be a slave if you think the term "Clean up," always means with your mouth.

You might be a slave if you get a bone whenever a dominant person responds to your tweets.

You might be a slave if you are straight, but find yourself willing to serve a same sex owner.

You might be a slave if you think the bat making contact with the ball is not a baseball discussion, but a discussion about your cock bouncing your balls.

You might be a slave if you find yourself imagining people in the community dominating you.

You might be a slave if your idea of perfect sex includes your partner being happy while you restrain yourself.

You might be a slave if when you read in the Bible about the children of god coming out of bondage you think, "Why the heck would they want to do that?"

You might be a slave if when someone says, "I ought to punch you in the balls," you catch yourself wanting to say, "Please."

Hope you enjoyed a million and one more. Maybe someday my new owner, if I find one, will enjoy hearing them. Cheers and until later...Remember, I could be on my knees in front of you with your leash leading to my collar....