Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slave Ownership (warning adult content)

Since being without an owner for sometime now, I’ve contemplated my slot in life several times. I’ve gone through the entire routine of thinking I’d never have an owner again, almost hooking up with a potential owner, spending some time with old friends (who enjoyed using me I might add), and even the “what if I don’t find someone” phase. At one point, I even considered setting my submissive self aside, taking a dominant role to meet other dominants, getting to be friends and then saying, “Surprise, let me serve you Master or Mistress!” But, that’s deceptive.

So, instead I just keep going from group to group looking, posting, and I’ve even joined Facebook. Although, on Facebook I seem to be finding the professional Masters and Mistress instead of interested people. So, I thought I would once again turn to my little blog. At least here I can describe what I am and what you will be getting.

1. I’m able to keep a secret. Don’t want the world know you like spanking your man or dog in my case? Then I’m you slave. I don’t believe in talking and sharing your business.
2. You’ll never find a better slave to have at your feet. Want your feet licked, back rubbed, served breakfast in bed? You’ve found the slave that will be loving and devoted to all these needs!
3. Along the lines of wanting a good slave, how about one to use? Have you ever dreamed of ramming it to the ass of your slave? How about unloading yourself onto your slave’s face? Maybe you’ve dreamed of spanking, slapping or just outright beating your slave? Maybe you just want to see a man jack off, or watch him become so blue-balled he can’t walk? Whatever your idea of slave is, I can fulfill it.
I’ve been used for several things over the years. Here’s a short list:
• spanking
• cum control
• cum cleanup
• ass fucking
• bondage
• piss slave
• ash tray
• cbt
• castration play (play, I need my nuts until my life long owner decides)
• etc
I’ve done just about everything you can imagine. So, if there’s a potential owner in Texas or another close state, why not meet me, dine with me, and let’s just get to know each other. You might just find the slave you’ve been dreaming about. If interested, comment on this blog. I promise, with me kneeling with a collar and leash leading to your hand at your feet, you’ll have a tingle you’ve never had before.