Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Self Preparations for a new Master or Mistress

After many years of serving Masters and Mistress I can tell you one thing that is true about all of them. They are all different. Some of them want their slaves bald from top to bottom, some want fat slaves, some want thin slaves, some want hairy slaves, and some want cut and some want uncut slaves. Each Master or Mistress is an individual....if you want to be a slave you have to remember that. While you are basically nothing, or I should say that you have no real say, your Master or Mistress will have specific things they want you to be, do, and/or fulfill. However, regardless of an Owner's preference, there is a few things you can do to be ready, regardless of their expectations. Keep in mind, don't do these if you know it's against an Owner's preference.
Here You Go: 1. Be neat - shave your face, have your hair groomed (regardless of length) trim your public hair. If you have hair everywhere, leave it if you don't know...even if your Master or Mistress turns out to want you clean shaven, it's easier to do it after you know, than to do it before. However, the two areas you want neat is your face and your pubic area. Trim all the hair around your cock and balls, but no reason to go clean shaven unless you know in advance. Female slaves, shave your legs, and trim your bush. Let's be honest, a new Master or Mistress isn't going to like hairy legs and if they do end up examining your bush, you don't want them to have to go through a jungle to see the prize.
2. Dress neat - they are looking at not only how neat your body is, but what sort of looker are you in public. Wear nice clothing. Jeans should be neat, shirts pressed. Treat meeting a potential Mistress or Master as if you're going to an interview....because you are. Now, don't go to a biker bar like this, or to a corporate meeting, but in a general meeting, like a restaurant, small bar, etc, be neat and appear decent. Females should also dress neat, but you may decide to wear an attractive dress. No major rings or ear rings, be modest in this area. Wearing your Gor slave bracelet might be nice, unless your potential owner has no idea what Gor is, then it's just a waste.
3. Be honest - If you're fat, you're fat. Don't send them a picture of a super model and tell them you are going to rock their world if your tits bounce on your knees when you jog. Men, don't send them a picture of someone's tight abs and huge cock, if you're flabby with a fat cock. Nothing will turn a Master or Mistress off more than that.
4. As questions - simple questions during a meeting should be okay. Such things as "What do you seek in a slave?" "What is your ideal night with your slave?" "Is this a domestic slave, or sexual slave?" "What aspects of my life do you want to control?" Remember, while you are submissive, you still have to be happy or the relationship will just be boring for you both.
Final thoughts- be attracted to the person. If you are that hot blond, or hot guy and you show up and the guy weighs in at three hundred and has cheese dripping off his face, is this a turn on for your? Is this guy going to get your motor running by paddling your ass or making you masturbate while he watches. The bottom line is the relationship of a slave and Master or Mistress is a "Relationship". You have to be happy. I have personally had heavy set Mistresses, skinny ones, and neat looking Masters. I am, however, very open as a slave. My Mistress, the one many of you may have read about that died a few years ago, was heavy set in a wheelchair. To me it was very erotic to be owned and told what to do by someone bound to a wheelchair. It was intoxicating and my cock spent most of the time at attention and begging for more attention. I don't know if I could do that again at this point in my life. I am, however, looking for someone who will dominate me emotionally, but sexually as well. If I'm attracted to him or her, then we're on the right track, if I'm not, then I'm doing a potential Master or Mistress a disservice to try to serve.
I hope this helps you as you're looking for your new Master or Mistress....as for me, I'm still hanging out there in the wind and searching. Maybe my King or Queen will come along soon.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Denial Experiment

The other day I decided to do some experimenting. It has been awhile since I did much of anything other than jack off. I would do the usual as a sub with no home. I would stand over the toilet, stand in the shower, lay back on the bed, kneel down on the floor. You know, pretty much wherever I wanted to go. So I decided for something a little different. Since I have no owner at this time to control when I cum, I decided to do it myself. I purchased a nice cock cage, put it on, snapped the lock and then put the key away. It didn't take too long to realize how uncomfortable those things are for daily use. I had forgotten how awkward they can be to wear under clothing etc. Being as sexual as I am, I had also forgotten how restrictive they are. Erections are dead with these little babies on as you can imagine. After a week, I decided that it was time to take a break. I wanted to see if a a man in his forties could still pump off as much after being denied as I did say in my younger years. I had no illusion about shooting the headboard like I did when I was eighteen, but at least it was worth I shot (no pun intended). So, I decided to go with a gay porn domination site. You know I found one of those where the muscle boy is spread out on a table and some big bear is torturing his balls. I thought this is perfect. Now, since I'm not gay at heart (usually a plus for a male dominant by the way) and I prefer a female owner, using the gay site was a way to test and see how effective the device had been. I turned on the pictures and set them to scroll over the screen. I then unlocked the device and allowed myself to pop free. Needless to say I went instantly hard as I imagined I was the young muscle stud in pictures. I reached over and got a little K-Y and started stroking. Within just a few seconds, I could feel my stomach muscles tightening and my hips lifting slightly off the bed. I tried to maintain my gaze at the screen, but it was no use. My own sexual urges had exceeded those of the young stud on the screen who was now having some sort of shock device touch his balls. I felt myself edging closer to climax and as I did, I pumped faster. Like most sessions, I began to imagine myself as the sub to some great dominant person. I imagined that He or She had me in front of all their friends and had decided I had to jack off for their amusement. Within seconds of that imagine entering my mind I exploded. It felt fantastic and my experiment was a success. I had not felt that time of ejaculation in years. A little denial had led to a huge explosion. As I took a wash cloth, got up and moved toward the bathroom, I looked back at the bed for a moment. Right there on the corner of the headboard was a small, slow moving stream of white juice making its way downward. It wasn't as much as when I was an eighteen year old slave to Mrs. Penny, but it was a stream nonetheless....

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Master/ Submissive and the Double Cum

As I have mentioned before, I'm an older sub now. As I move closer to 50 than to 40, I am finding it harder and harder (not that) to find Domme and Dom's interested. Everyone wants a "hard-body" youth for a sub. Nobody is interested in a middle-aged guy with grey hair not only showing on his head, but also showing slightly around his other head. But, there is something to be said for experience.

A few weeks ago I met a young Dom interested in a slave. He was not interested in me because I simply was too old for him. He was only 25 and without a doubt very much aware that he was hot. He had decided he wanted another hot young sub, maybe around 20 or so, that he could have a hot bodies unite with. While I must admit, the idea of this is hot, I asked him if he had given much thought to experience. He had not and simply said he could teach anyone anything he wanted. After checking him out for a few minutes and talking to him, I knew he had a high level of testosterone. I finally was forward and asked him when the last time he had cum was. Turned out to be a day or two before. This opened my door. I told him that I would bet him $100 that I could make him cum two times, back to back, with the experience I knew. He took the bet laughing.

I spent the first five minutes or so just getting to know this hot Dom. I kissed his chest, rubbed his thighs, felt his tight ass and pretty much gave his young body a light massage. He had tight pointed nipples, so they made it easy to suckle on as I fondled his balls. finally, when I noticed he was breathing heavy, I asked him if he was ready to cum. He naturally was so I went straight down to his cock and took it deep into my mouth. I was careful to avoid massaging his balls at this point,but I sucked that 25 year old Dom in ways I'm sure he had never been sucked before. In a matter of minutes I quickly learned that he was on a high protein diet as he filled my throat. I thought for a moment he would shoot the back of my head off with the force, but I held on.

Once I was sure he had emptied this load and subsided, I slide up his now sweaty checks and stopped right next to his ear. I learned a long time ago to never kiss a Dom on the mouth after you've swallowed his load unless he wants you to do so. I was right next to his ear and whispered, "That was a good load for a young man like yourself. Now are you ready to have both heads spin around?" He quickly nodded his head to the positive without saying anything. I slide back down his body, stopping only at his hard pecs to suckle that nipple again and then ending right at his cock.

He was slightly limp, but I could see that he still had some man left in him. This time, I allowed my mouth and hands to focus on his balls more than his cock. As I did this, he began to moan. It was apparent that most subs had likely spent all their time on his cock and not much on sensitive balls below. That makes sense since most subs might think they would hurt the Master by messing too much with his balls, but what most subs don't realize is that balls are incredible to play with, to fondle, to suckle, and massage. Almost immediately his cock sprang to attention and slapped me gently on the side of the face.

I continued for several moments ignoring his throbbing cock and staying on his balls. Within a few minutes I felt his cock bounce on my cheek twice. That's what I like to call the "knock-knock". Yeah, that's all mine, but it means he's filling up and feeling good. I moved my mouth from his balls and took in his cock completely. Now he gasp outloud and started gently rocking his own hips. I could tell he was literally humping my mouth at this point. I kept my hand firmly on his balls, but rather than pull them away from his body like some would do, I pushed them tight up next to his cock. I continued to allow him to pump my mouth and I gently started increasing pressure on his balls. I was basically squeezing him tighter and tighter to his own body. Within a few more moments I could tell that he was getting ready to cum. I pulled my mouth off his cock at this time, looked up at him and said, "Master, may I have your load again?" and then I quickly took in his cock again. It was too much and as he unleashed another load, I increased the pressure on his balls forcing him to almost hump my face off.

When we were done, he was laying there with me beside him just saying slowly, "Wow, first time I did that twice." He managed to get out a "I guess I owe you a $100." I smiled and said, "No, I'm not a slut for hire. Keep your money. I just wanted to show you that an old slave knows how to make his master cum twice."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just touching Base

Hi Readers, Just wanted to let you guys know I haven't forgotten the blog and the storyline. Don't worry, our hero will get to do his time travel and domination theme. I know it was much in the set-up for the story, but the meat is yet to come....

I also wanted to let you all know I'm planning to do some more of my own experiences on here. The current poll seems to indicate you all want both. However, I'd like to heard feedback on the stories too and other writings. Feedback is very encouraging, even if it's short. A "good job" is nice to see. Naturally, a "get over here and kneel in front of me would be fantastic to see!" One can wish...lol

Again, please feel free to comment. I need to know how it is all being received.

thanks, doug

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Story: Time Dom

Nathan watched the bead of sweat slip from his neck, onto his chest and glide slowly toward his firm pecs. "Perfect," he thought as he watched in mirror. Just as the bead rolled over the top of his nipple, he swiped it away with his finger. He turned and looked to Charles. "Bout done?"

Charles wasn't the time to sit by and watch his sweat slide down his own nipples. He was hard at work pumping the iron into the air over his head. His shoulders ached, but it was the kind of ache they needed to keep him in optimal shape. He pushed the weights high into the air, glanced at Nathan and said, "Weights off." The weights disappeared into thin air. Just one of the many benefits of holographic technology and what it could do for the world.

"So, what are you thinking about doing," Nathan asked. He was putting on his slimming shirt while maintaing a constant view of himself in mirror.

Charles picked up a round disk and pushed the button. It flickered for a moment and then a picture of a young woman dressed in full armor appeared standing there on disk. She was wearing bright silver armor, a helmet and hold a sword. For a moment Nathan did not realize what period the dress was from, but then it occurred to him and he smiled. "Who is she," he asked?

"That my dear boy," Charles said as he flicked off the image. "Is one Joan or Arc, or at least it is her during her heyday."

"She was what...about eighteen when she died?" Nathan continued to dress.

"Nineteen, with long flowing red hair and rumor has it a cherry that's never been popped," he winked at Nathan. "At least not according to history."

Nathan sat down and shook his head. "You know the rules. You can't mess with anyone who might have an impact on history. If you go to this girl, you run the risk of being fined or even prison time."

Charles sat down and smiled. He moved closer as if to tell a big secret. "She was in chains in jail under the watch of guards. It's thought that she had schizophrenia or even some other mental illness. It's perfect. I slip in as a guard, use this little saint and slip out. I'll even give her something to make her a little more delusional for the execution."

"You know she was burned at the stake, right?"

"Sure," Charles shrugged. "Doesn't matter to me. I'm just looking to add a little more history to my life."

Nathan laughed out loud. "Add a little more history to your life? You mean like you did that Betty Page girl you visited in the past?"

Charles smiled as he remembered, "Yeah, she was a straight arrow model, but a little time in front of her master and in chains and she was ready to model it for the world."

Heading to the door, Nathan added, "Well, just be careful. Screw with the wrong submissive in the past at the wrong time and you'll end up someone's sub in our time." He winked, "They'd likely give you cock and ass to me just for punishment."

End Part I

Monday, July 8, 2013

BDSM Visitors

Hi all...your Texas Dog Slave here. I just wanted to thank everyone for reading. As you may know blogspot has a page that tells how many visitors have been to a site. On average we see anywhere from a low 30 visitors a day up to 85-100 a day. This all adds up to over 43,000 page visits since this site started. I am so grateful to all of you for visiting. All the Doms and Domme's out there taking time, thank you. All the fellow slaves or want-to-be slaves, thank you for reading too. My initial quest as you know was to simply make contact with a new Dom or Domme seeking an experienced bondage pet. To this date, I have not found one. I find it interesting that with over 43,000 visitors, most do not seem interested in linking up. While I could continue to tell you all the experiences I've had over the years, I'm considering changing direction and simply doing bondage fiction throughout most of the site. This, as a mix of real life and potential life, might give the Domme and Doms out there looking some ideas. It might give the slaves something to consider, and it might give the want-to-be's something to help you make it through...well, the night I guess. Over the next few weeks there will be a poll (not that kind of poll) on this page to the right. Please vote on how you would like this site to go. If I don't get a lot of votes, then I may let it go dormant. I don't think it really matters how many readers I have if I can't connect with you on individual basis. So, please look over the poll and consider voting. Thanks! Yours (could be with a brand new collar) doug

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When BDSM Slaves Grow Old

I was recently considering my own life. I started in this world of service when I was in my late teens. All through my youth I had yearned to "be lead" and controlled. By the time I was 19 I was in a couple of photo shoots in the Dallas area. I was being used on a regular basis for fun and parties and in my mid-20's I already had a master and two mistresses. Then, as many of you know, I met in my mid 30's a wonderful Mistress in a wheelchair. She controlled me for the next several years before she died. Now I am faced at 45 with few prospects. It seems that most of the Dominant men and women seek young slaves. They seem to want that 19-25 year old range so they can "grow" them up and make them the slave they want. And, I must admit that at 45 my jewels dangle a little more than they used too.... But, overall I feel like I have a lot to offer. There has been some young women, interested in learning, approach me. Sadly, even though they were in the 19-30 range, none of them were serious about having a slave. They all basically wanted to "play with the idea" of having a male serve them. I remember one college co-ed that was 21 a couple of years ago meeting with me. We met in her dorm and then went to her room. When I knelt down in front of her, she asked me what I was doing. I responded that I was showing respect and assuming my position of service. Turns out she wanted her dorm room cleaned. I completed the task upon which she said, "Damn, you really will do anything won't you. Well, you're not fucking me tonight." I tried to explain that having intercourse was not my goal...although with this young lady I would not have had a problem with that had I been ordered to do so....but instead it was to serve. She laughed and hurried me out the door saying something about me being "too old for anything other than cleaning." The bottom line (no pun intended) is that an old slave can sometimes be the best. He or she knows what to do and how to do it. The old slave can introduce the young dominant to a world of pleasure, fun, and and eventually, after a little reverse training, the young dominate will hold a leash to a collar of a well trained, and collared, dedicated older slave.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Condom Required to Ride

One of the things I have always been insistent on is condoms when it comes to anal sex. If you're a man and you're going to violate my back door, then I insist on a condom. As a slave, I understand that condoms anal sex will likely happen. I also understand that it may not always be from my preferred type. Given a choice, I'd had only female dominants bending me over the table, bed, or couch, but sometimes I don't get my choice...such is a life of a bondage slave. It was one of those interesting nights when a game was being played by an owner's group that I had to insist on a condom. Three of the slaves, myself included, was strapped down on a hardwood table. We each had a pillow under us to ensure now damage or severe pain, our arms were tied in front of us (basically above our heads) our feet were spread by a small spreader bar and our asses were up for open inspection. This is a very humbling position for a male or female slave. For the male, not only is his ass and glory hole shinning to the world, but his balls are hanging down freely between his legs. A female has her glory hole showing and her prize often opening slightly for anyone to examine. On this particular night a slave named Jeff was on my left and a slave named Tina was on my right. I had been around Jeff a few times, but Tina was new and you could tell by her wide eyes that she wasn't sure what she had gotten into. It was going to be interesting. The game was simple, three men would be selected, each a dominate male. Each male would then be randomly assigned one of the slaves. He would position himself behind the slave, lube up and enter the slave's glory hole. A timer would start and basically each male would ride his slave and try to be the first to cum. The winner got a case of beer (big prize I know) and for added fun the loser had to masturbate his own slave in front of the others. Everyone lined up and glanced over my shoulder and notice that David, the dominant who was about to enter me, did not pick up a condom. He picked up the lube and got ready to start. The other two were putting condoms on. I immediately looked to my owner in the crowd and mouthed my safe word. My owner walked up and told David to put a condom on. David complained that it would feel right and he'd have no feeling, etc, but my owner insisted and said without it I would not participate. He finally agreed. A few moments later I was grunting along with the other slaves. I glanced at Tina and realized that even though she may be a new slave, she sure liked anal. She was biting her lip and half smiling as her dominant male was plowing her. In a minute or so there was a winner, and then a second place winner, and finally the last one (dominants always get to cum at these games regardless of their position in the finish). David did not come in first, but he wasn't last either. We all got to relax and watch as the losing Dominant masturbated his own slave for everyone's pleasure. Fortunately, his slave was a female and it was good to get to watch her cum after having David's rod up my ass....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Cock Cage

Well it has been awhile since I wrote anything for the blog and I hope I've not lost all my readers. It's been crazy and I've been so busy I've been unable to complete anything. Nonetheless, I have missed giving you insights into my world as a submissive male. When I looked back over the blog, I must admit it brought back a lot of good memories. It's one of those memories that I'd like to share with you now. If you have a moment, I'd like to tell you about a little thing called a Cock Cage. These little devices are used for Chastity play or in my case simple punishment. Just follow me here and I'll tell you a history of one of my first encounters with these little keyed devices. At the time I was serving a Dominant couple in the Dallas area. They were both professionals and worked full time jobs. I stayed at their house cleaning and cooking during the day. When they arrived, I greeted them in a black pair of underwear, kneeling in the living room beside their two recliners. From there I could obtain dinner, massage their feet, get them the newspaper, or simply sit by while they talked about the day. They always arrived at 5:30pm, give or take a few minutes, except for the one day they did not. I had a nasty little habit at the time of sneaking a masturbation session in now and then while they were out. Well, let's be honest, I jacked it like a freaking little horny toad each day they were gone. Usually around 1:00 or so after I had ate and was sure all the chores was done, I'd sneak into the bathroom, pull out a Nugget magazine the owners kept (that was a bondage type magazine a few years ago) and slip easily into the bathroom. If you've read my blogs before, then you know I'm fond of jacking off into the toilet. Each day, I'd flip through the magazine, imagine myself in the various positions the models were in throughout the magazine and pump away. Within a few minutes each day I was moaning softly and feeling the urge to unload. On one such day I stood over the toilet pumping my cock when the male owner came home early. He was a well built young man that prided himself on his muscles and looks. He managed to come into the house without me hearing him. He naturally did not expect me in the living room since he was early. He came to the bathroom door and assumed I was on the toilet or using the toilet. Since a slave has no basic rights, my owner simply opened the door. As you can imagine I was very embarrassed to be standing over the toilet, holding a magazine in one hand and my rock hard cock in the other. My owner took a deep breath, shook his head and closed the door. Although he said nothing, I knew I had disappointed him. My masturbation was reserved for their viewing. I had taken matters into, well to put it bluntly, my own hands. A slave should never do that. That evening he greeted his wife as usual and they sat in their recliners as I knelt between them. Nothing was said and the silence was crushing. I figured I was about to have to go find a new home. After about an hour, my owner looked at his wife and said, "I think it's time." She smiled and they told me to go to the dungeon. I was relieved since going to the basement usually meant I would be tied up, maybe played with for a while, or I might even witness the owners sex lives after they tortured me. They came into the room and ordered me to take off my underwear and climb onto the table. I did. I was then strapped down to the table by my hands and feet in a spread eagle style. He left the room for a moment and she began to massage my naked balls. I must admit it felt good and I had a raging hard on in seconds. She only smiled. He, however, returned with a small knife. He looked at his wife and said, "We have to make sure this will never happen again," and she agreed. She pulled my balls together in the sac and he moved the knife close. You can imagine that I started screaming. I mean I was really screaming! I was yelling all sorts of stuff like "You can not do this," and don't do this and I'm going to sue and this is not part of the contract, etc. By this point I had real tears in my eyes. It was then that they both started laughing. As I lay there gasping for breath she released my balls and he put away the knife. Needless to say I no longer had the hard on. He smiled and took out a cock cage. Together they put it on me and locked it tight. I could feel it restraining my cock immediately and I had no doubt that my afternoon hand jobs were finished. "Okay," he said. "Now we got your attention and you'll have a little bit of blue balls tonight thanks to my wife. You will remain in the cage until we decide we want to watch you perform." He put the key in his pocket and they unbuckled me. I served this couple for a few more years before moving on. During that time the only time I was allowed to masturbate was while they were watching. Unfortunately, the two of them moved away from the lifestyle for some reason and simply told me one day they were no longer interested in the "bondage life". They were extremely nice and even gave me money and let me stay until I could find another place. Ironically though, I did not get the key to the cock cage until the day I left. I don't know if this was some little bit of continued control or if they simply forgot. At any rate, I'm glad I mentioned it as I was moving out...it would have been very interesting to have to seek out a locksmith....