Thursday, September 24, 2009


One of the hardest things (no pun intended) for a slave to endure is CBT. Cock Ball Toture is designed to bring the male slave to his knees, the floor, or cause him to pass out. Having been the receiving end of CBT on many occasions, I have found an equal amount of aggression in both the Dom and the Domme of the sexes.

I have noticed a few differences though and I'd like to point out my observations for you considerations here. Although minor, it could affect your next slave greatly.

The Dom tends to want to work on the balls more than the cock in this area of torture. It is almost as if the Dom, having his own set of balls, wants to see just how tough your balls are. He will slap them, clamp them, tie them and stretch them with great joy as the slave, in this case me, screams, crys and begs him not to rip them off my body. The Doms for the most part tend to stay away from the cock, especially if errect during this time.

On the other hand, the Domme is well spread in her desire to inflict pain on all areas. A Domme tends to start out gentle and even in a massage like manner so as to bring the slave to full errection before she starts. I have had many Dommes even masturbate me to the verge of my control, just before leaving my cock sticking up and stopping. Most of the time they will stop for moments while the urge dies down slightly and then start their torture session. A Domme seems more interested in keeping the slave's cock errect throughout the process whereas the Dom seems more interested in simply torture.

This has simply been my experience and hopefully in the future, I will experience either a Domme or Dom's hand again at CBT.

My Loss

You cannot imagine how it feels to wake up one morning and find your owner is gone. I was collared several years ago and we enjoy our relationship, but my owner died today. She was only the fourth person to have collared me, but I thought she might be the last.

What's a slave to do in this world. I've been left without a collar. That's part of the reason I'm starting this blog. I want to meet like minded people, male and female, couples and singles, everyone who has ever had an interest or is interested in owning a slave. My grief is still strong right now, but I'm sure the right person with the right tools can force me to think about something else.