Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Google Censorship

Hello friends. I am sad to report today that Google has suspended my profile because it violates their Porn policies. I would have assumed that I would have violated them years ago! LOL However, I went into my policy, deleted pictures, changed the profile tag lines and took out reference to being a BDSM submissive slave. We'll wait to see what happens In the meantime, I will continue to blog here and keep you update with memories, thoughts and other information. If you wish to contact me, please do so and remember Twitter still believes in Free Speech as does several other blog sites. Who knows, I might move before long back to Yahoo....never had this happen on Yahoo. To my fellow subs - hugs. To the Doms and Dommes out there - a gentle kiss to your feet. I'll be back soon. Doug

Friday, January 2, 2015

Helping Him Get Ready for His Slave

A few years ago a friend of mine, a dominant man, contacted me and asked me when I would be in town for a few days. He lives in Memphis, TN, so it was not unusual for me to be in town a lot for various work. I checked my calendar and found that I would be there in about a month. He said okay and asked to have dinner and "catch up."

The time crawled by and the day finally came. Because we have no dominant / submissive relationship, we simply met as friends. We each know the preference though, and I can't say that I did not expect some "Play" time to come out of dinner and catching up. After a short talk he admitted something to me that was surprising. He told me that he had never whipped a slave before. I thought it was odd and asked him how he had gone through life as a Dom and never whipped a slave.

He went on to explain to me that he had always simply left the whip out of the equation. He had used handcuffs, ball stretchers, spreaders, and blindfolds for fun. He had even mastered the ability to use a vibrator and cause his slaves to cum without ever touching their cock or balls....that was interesting to me to say the least at the time.

I told him that I had been whipped a few times and that it wasn't really anything major. I explained to him that we were not talking about whipping a slave to the point of some Cat-of-Nine-Tails type beating, but that it should still sting, leave red marks, and get the slaves attention.

He then told me that he had a new slave boy who was begging him to whip him. He had read all the stuff online, obtained a nice whip, and felt sure he was ready to "beat" his little slut. He just wanted to practice a little and be sure. It was at this point that he asked me to be his practice slave so he would get it right. He told me that whether he hit too hard or not hard enough he knew his slave would not complain. He wanted to get the right amount of sting to keep the slave's interest and arousal without really hurting the slut. He knew that I would be honest in a session and tell him when to increase and decrease. I laughed and said I'd love to be his "whipping test subject," but that I wanted one thing in return....afterwards I wanted him to make me cum using his vibrator only without touching my cock and balls. I wanted to see what his magic talent was that had people talking and him bragging.

We went to his place where he had a nice dungeon set up. He snapped my legs into a spreader bar, cuffed my feet to the floor cuffs and then cuffed both my hands over my head. I had stripped already so that the effect would be full for the way he wanted to try out his new whip. He started slowly and swatted me a few times on the ass. He then worked up my back and then down my lower back legs. He came around front and hit my thighs a few times before concentrating on my stomach area and nipples. I have to admit he was pretty good for someone who had never whipped anyone before. He continued this routine for about ten minutes working slowly to harder and harder slaps. Only once was a afraid that he was going to hit my balls, the rest of the time he had perfect aim. At the ten minute mark he was raising red spots and asked me if I wanted to stop. I indicated that he should continue a few minutes more to ensure he had the feel for everything. The next few swats caused my body to jolt either forward or backward depending on where he hit. I have to admit they hurt and I told him he might want to be cautious with his slave in that area.

After we had finished, I could feel the red marks stinging me. He asked me if I wanted him to cause me to cum now or wanted to wait. I said it would be fine right now and that I was interested in how his approach worked. It had been rumored that slaves would cum within minutes of him using his vibrator.

He took me down from his whipping area...that's what I decided it would be caused now that he was moving into this phase and took me over to a modified chair. The chair had a hole in the bottom of it so I sat down as if going to the toilet. He then restrained my legs to the legs of the chair my arms to the arms and put a leather strap around my chest to tighten me against the chair. I had noticed it was connect to what appear to be a spinning device and suspected that the chair would turn. It did turn. Within a minute he spun the chair almost upside down. My lets were almost straight toward the roof however the chair kept the opening....and my opening at a level almost 45 degree angle. He locked the chair in place. I could feel blood rushing to my head at this angle, but relaxed.

My friend then explained to me that he used a combination of vibrations and electrical current to achieve the "Touch-less-cum" as he liked to call it. I felt his finger lube my hole just before two slender cylinders were inserted. I immediately felt one of them began to vibrate and then I started feeling a small shock, about like a nine volt on your tongue, deep inside me. I wanted to tense up at first, but I immediately noticed my cock grew hard. I could tell almost at once that both of these devices were resting on my prostrate. I suddenly understood how he was able to cause his slaves to cum so fast. I felt the intensity of the vibrations and current increase and knew he was turning up his device. I mentally told myself not to cum. I wanted to see how long I did work. Within a minute or two, I felt my cock twitching on it's own, my balls drawing tight to my body and that familiar rush of cumming overtaking me. Next thing I knew, huge globs of cum started leaping out of my rock hard cock. They shot up my stomach and onto my chest and nipples. I heaved hard as he pulled out the probes and walked around the chair.

He asked me what I thought while the blood was still rushing to my head. I felt his had on my stomach wiping up the cum when he said, "You know, I'm still the Dom here. You made a deal for the whipping, but I still have to come out on top. You know what that means?" I nodded my head as I felt his hand raking up the cum on his hand. He brought the hand to my open mouth and said, "Good boy. Thank you for helping me learn the best way to whip my new eat up."