Friday, November 18, 2011

Craigslist Posting

Well I finally got up the nerve to post my needs or search on Craigslist. I instantly had at least fifteen responses. Needless to say I was one happy little slut. I was getting my leash and collar out and shinning up my cock cage. Unfortunately, all the post were almost identical. Half of them ended up in the spam folder.

However, I hit on one that seemed real. We talked and made arrangements to meet at a restaurant. I arrived in Houston, went to the restaurant and sat there. She never showed up. I really didn't think that a potential Domme could break my heart without ever dominating me, but she did.

So, as the evening is almost over now, I'm sitting in the hotel room alone in my black underwear and typing on the blog. I went into Twitter and tried to get some attention, but I got nothing.

So, stuck for another night, I will soon get a glass and some lotion, empty my week long levels of cum into the cup and then decide what to do from there. Maybe one quick swallow will remind me of my position in life...on the other hand, if this keeps up I'm going dominant...hell, at least they get contacts.