Friday, December 3, 2010

Destroying Your Slave's Self Worth

While some Doms and Dommes would like to be nice and cuddle their slaves and use them as they please, let's face it there are some Doms and Dommes who want nothing more than to destroy their slave's self worth. For these, it is the ultimate form of domination. Their view is you can only spank a slave, take his or her money, and dominate them so far and the slave remains a person. The view is to totally dominate the slave's body, finance, and mind, you have to destroy the self-worth of the slave. Once you do this, you (the Dom or Domme) own this slave 100%.

There are several ways of doing this. Some have taken compromising pictures of their slaves and sent them to the family. Unfortunately, this is cruel to the family and does not destroy the slave's self worth, only his or her family relationships. Others have had them nude at parties, invited the slave's ex over to watch, used them for show, etc to reach the destruction of the self worth. These are all great to an extent, but remember, you want to completely destroy your slave's self worth.

There are a few argued ways to do this, but I have seen two work wonders. I have seen fellow slaves crumble under these conditions and become docile, never leaving their owner's sides and being totally obedient. The first is to give your slave to another slave. Simply put, lower the slave you want destroyed on your rung and have another slave own him or her. If the slave is a female, give her to a male slave that has not been allowed release in several weeks. Likewise, if the slave is a male, give him to a female. It may take some time, but before long the self worth will crumble. I saw one female slave in tears one time at the thought of not being with her master and being owned by a male slave. The male slave, to his credit, to full advantage of the situation and basically screwed the female slave's mind out. Before it was over, she never wanted to leave her master and had no self worth. She was made lower than low on the slave rating.

The other form of destruction that I have seen work is the humiliation factor with another dominant. This generally works with straight or gay slaves and rarely works with bisexual slaves. It is simple, whenever your slave is to have sexual release, you require it to be done by the same sex. It can be a friend, a lover of the Dom or Domme, or even another slave. This one worked really well on your's truly. I was a slave for a few years when my Domme decided I had too much self-worth. She arranged for one of her male friends to be serviced by me. Being straight, this was the worst thought in the world to me. To make matters worse, she invited friends over that we both knew and allowed them to watch me service her male friend. My own self worth was completely destroyed when one of her friends starting laughing and pointing at my own erection as I sucked off the male friend. After I had finished, she allowed him to bring me off. At the time I had never been serviced or serviced a male before in my life. Tears were rolling down my face as I emptied my load into his hand. I stayed with this Domme, needless to say, for years and felt totally worthless unless she allowed me a small amount of self worth. That was rare, but I was devoted until she decided she no longer needed me.

So, as you can see, destroying your slave's self worth is an important part of the domination process. Consider the above options and maybe you'll come up with your own. And, as it stands, I am still in need of a Dom or Domme to destroy my self worth again. ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Serving Without Sexual Gratification

Let's face it, as slaves most are ready to serve and do whatever their owners may command. Some are shown to the owner's friends, some wash dishes, clean houses and clean cars, some of money slaves and give everything they make to their owners, some cook and even clean their owners after a sexual encounter between the owner and his or her equal mate. Nonetheless though, a slave has some desires. If those desires were not there, they would never seek slavery.

Imagine the female slave who, while watching her owner have sex, becomes aroused and feels a heat stirring between her legs, or the male slave who is at constant erect attention when washing his owner's back. Unless you are neutered or spayed, you have to feel some sort of sexual feelings at the thought of being in a certain situation with your owner.

Take me for example, when I'm with a Domme or Dom who has placed a collar or leash around my neck, I'm instantly hard. I am throbbing and bobbing around as I'm lead to do things. I could be heading to the kitchen to cook, but I'm as hard as a rock. The desire for some form of sexual release is there, but the fact remains that some owners never want sex with their slaves and never want sexual contact with them. However, with this in mind, there are ways the owner can ensure a sexual release for his or her slave without having sexual contact. Below is a short list of suggestions:
1. allow the slave a certain day to masturbate
2. allow the slave to masturbate while watching you with your partner
3. make the slave masturbate for your friends
4. have the slave masturbate for you and your lover to watch
5. have the slave masturbate into a cup (males only) and be creative from there
6. have another slave service the slave
7. make one slave a dominant for the night and have them use another slave

The list goes on and on, but you should get the idea. The only way to ensure your slave does not have sexual desires is through medications or some form of body modifications.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Pain of a Slave

Ultimately the BDSM lifestyle is about submission. After all, we slaves want to be dominated, told what to do, and used in various ways. Some slaves crave financial domination (oh, for those of you craving this I can have a dominant bone for you, lol), some crave sexual domination, others crave mental domination, and some simply want to serve as a maid! As you can imagine, the field is unlimited. It even goes right up to the door of pain.

A slave craving pain is usually complimented by an owner craving to give the pain. It can be something as simple as a slap on the face or ass, to something as severe as cigarette burns and even castration or other body modifications. Each slave is different in his or her limits. Take me for example, a good ball-busting is within my limits; however, I have no desire to have a cigarette burn, perm tattoo, or have a body part removed...especially not my balls!

If you are a slave and you feel you want to experiment with pain, then I have the following suggestions for you and your owner:
1. Start out light - No "Hard Candy" movies to start with here because once it's's done.

2. Talk about it- know what the expectations are for both of you.

3. Define what you seek - yep, look inside and ask, "why do I want to have 'X'" For me, 'X' was CBT and I love the feeling of not being in control of my cock and having a dominant partner take total control of my most sensitive part (darn, got a hard-on just typing this!)

4. Don't force it - Owners, if you tie down your slave and then decide you're going to brand him or her on the ass, giving them no choice, then you've moved from being a dominant to being a criminal...don't go there or you'll be someone's bitch in jail.

5. No spur of the moment - no matter how much of a hard-on you have, how much juices is flowing between your legs, or how sensitive your breast are - don't just decide on the sexual tide you want to be branded, hurt, or any other form of major pain. A slap on the bottom or across the face is likely okay for the spur of the moment, not something major like nipple rings or Prince Albert piercings.

6. Safe word- yes, you've heard it a thousand times. Have a safe word or a safe sign if you have your slave gagged. When talking about pain, it may sound like a great idea to have your nuts in the hand of your owner as he or she twist the handle of a vice down on them, but when that pain starts - it's a whole new ballgame (no pun intended). I once had an owner who fulfilled my CBT desires. She was in a wheelchair so her arms and hands were very strong from years of working the chair. She basically put her vice grip on my fruits and started to squeeze. I was gagged and tied so there was little I could do and we had no safe word at that time. Her grip was simply too much for me. Contrary to sex movies that would have you believe that this sort of torture would simply cause the slave to pass out, it has a different effect. First the pain grows, eventually you're crying, then your head is spinning in pain, then you start feeling the squeeze from your balls all the way into your stomach, and before you know it you're throwing up your lunch. With a gag on when you start throwing up, there is nothing sexy, pretty or even sensual about that. No, the fantasy of my Domme squeezing me into sleep and waking up later still under her control didn't happen. Let's just say it wasn't pretty!

So, take these points into consideration before you subject yourself to being a pain slut. Dominants, please consider this too. On, and while we're on this topic...anyone looking for some fruit to squeeze....I'm really ripe!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Poll

Well, if you jumped in to read this thinking it was about my poll, sorry. It's actually about the polls I had taken on the right. I'm surprised that I only got two votes (one on each). If possible, I'd love to hear some comments from readers. You don't even have to sign in to comment.

Remember, I'm still looking for a good owner to tame my raging poll! Hey, I had to give you some bone to chew on. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Erection and The Slave

I've often wondered about the connection between the male's mentally of being a slave and his erection. For example, I have seen many slaves when being punished by their owners do not have erections. I have seen this with humiliation, cross dressing, whipping, cbt, bondage, and all forms of owner enjoyment of their slaves. The erection, while there initially in many cases, fades quickly.

I, on the other hand, am the opposite. If my owner, or even a user for an evening, mentions what is going to happen, I instantly erect. While the erection may waiver during a beating, choking, or even while I'm being used sexually, it is still present and at least semi-hard. I have noticed that when I'm spoken too harshly or threatened like "I'm going to make you bleed," or "You'll have two assholes when I'm done," or "What the hell do you call these, balls?" I am instantly turned on. I find myself conditioning myself on many occasions as well to be prepared.

By conditioning, I mean that if an owner or potential owner or even a one night enjoy a slave ride is willing to give me a picture or let me hear their voice, I immediately start imaging myself at His or Her feet. I may print the picture and stare into the face or eyes as I masturbate. I've even grabbed by own balls and squeezed so hard that pain shot all through me while I imagined the person the picture controlling me. By this conditioning, once the owner or potential owner is ready for me, my focus is Him or Her. I believe this may contribute to my constant erection even during abuse. Basically my mind has decided this is my act of sexual fulfillment and that the person in front of me is the only way I can have it.

Perhaps this is why the last time my a potential owner told me He would like to remove my nuts, my erection was constantly bobbing out in front of my like a fool. That one then put His boot on my chest, pushed me back to the bed and started CBT on my until tears were streaming down my face and I was begging him to stop.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First CBT

Right now I am under consideration. This is very exciting for me as it means that a Mistress, in this case, is currently considering whether or not to use me as her slave. As any submissive can tell you, this is a very exciting and trying time. One of the things she recently told me is that she enjoys CBT. I thought it might be appropriate to tell about my first CBT session.

It was several years ago and I was just a young slave with very little time as a submissive. I had been allocated to be used by a Mistress in a group around Dallas. In fact, this was from the time period when the picture in my profile was taken. I was in my early to late twenties and the Mistress to enjoy me was twenty-two. Not only was this my first time to have CBT, but it was also the first Mistress who was younger than me.

I have to admit the idea of having a dominant Mistress younger than me always gets me excited. At the party house, she put a collar on my neck and a leash and led me on all fours to a private room. There was some cat-calls and yells as we went. Once we got in there she instructed me to look up at her. I did and found her somewhat attractive. She had sandy brown hair and was a little on the heavy side. She pointed to the bed and said, "spread."

I was already naked, so this was no problem. I got on the bed spread eagle and waited. She gently connected a rope to each leg and then each arm. Because I did not know her and she did not know me, she left the arms loose. In truth, I could break free anytime I wanted to do so.

She then asked me one question, "Safe?" It was simple and meant to find my "safe" word. I responded, "Wonder". "That will do," she said and turned her attention to my balls.

Once there, she pulled each testicle down slightly and looped a rope around it individually. She then took the string all the way down, pulled it until my ball was starting to hurt and tied the string around my foot. She repeated this with the other testicle just the same. She then took a third strig and pulled it tight around the head of my cock. Because I have a very thick head on my penis, the little rope stayed on my erection and she tied it around my neck.

I was thinking that this was not too bad for CBT when I saw her take out a short whip. It moved more than a riding crop, but not much. She stood beside the bed, flexed the whip once or trice and then brought it down sharply on my stomach. To be honest it really did not sting that bad. Unfortunately, it made me jump!

When I jumped, my feet immediately pulled the strings attached to my outstretched balls. From that reaction, my head jerked causing the string around my other head to jerk. She laughed slightly and brought the whip down again.

My Mistress for the evening repeated this type of torture for nearly an hour. By the time she was done, my balls were killing me, my cock felt completely stretched out, and my stomach had rows of red marks on it. At the end she looked at me and asked, "Like it?" I responded, "Yes maam". With that she left the room.

I untied myself and tended to my hurting balls. I know I walked bowlegged when I went back into the common areas. One Master asked me if Shelly had shown me "CBT". When I nodded as I was limping, he laughed. I never saw Shelly at a party again after that night.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beating Meat

Sometimes when I'm alone
with no Domme or Dom of my own
I imagine my slavery in ropes
or chains to a collar and my hopes

I straddle an open toilet as I dangle
with lube, oils or lotions I gently strangle
the neck of my cock
thinking of a owner turns me hard as rocks

The faster I beat
and squat down lower with my meat
my balls begin to bounce
as I think of a lover trouncing

I imagine my hand is Hers or His
my balls bouncing to rhythm is
the throbbing of my beating meat
on that white toilet seat

Cum Stopper

A few years ago my Mistress used to spend a good amount of time ensuring that I had huge blue balls. Although she was in a wheelchair, she had three assets that no male slave could avoid. First, she had huge breast. By just allowing a little of her breast to show through a blouse, in a v-neck, or even through a tight leather bra she could send all the blood from one head to the other head and control me. Second, she had a great and sexy voice. It was a radio sounding voice. So, if she said something as simple as, "I'd like to see my slut hard," then Bam! I was hard as a rock. Third and finally, because she was in a wheelchair, she had powerful hands and arms. She could work a cock for hours without taking a break. In fact the only break she would take would be to allow everything to subside so she could work it up again. This was pure torture. Not to mention, that if by some reason I did cum before she wanted me to do so, then she had the power in her hands to literally squeeze me out. She could squeeze so hard, and she was calculated about it so as not to rupture a testicle, that she could make me pass out. The pain went through me stronger than any Dom or Domme has ever kicked me or hit me.

Nonetheless, my Mistress would spend hours with me tied in a chair, a bed, a table, a coffee table or a counter. She almost never tied me on the floor because this caused her to have to get out of her chair to get to me. She would work my cock time and time again until I was right on the verge of cumming and then just stop.

On the times that she thought I was about to lose it and cum, she would pinch just below the head of my cock at the base of the fire helmet so to speak. My cock head would turn purple, she would pinch tighter and I could feel the cum just boiling trying to get out. I would moan, wiggle, and try to free myself from her fingers. She would often ask in her sexy voice if I still had to cum. If I said yes, she would keep the pressure on until I no longer needed to cum. There was one time, and one time only, that I said no that I no longer needed to cum. The second she let go of my cock head, globs of cum shot out and onto her hand. She calmly wiped it on my chest, cleaned off her hand, and then squeezed my balls to a point where being blue balled would have been better. In her sexiest voice, she said, "You don't cum until I tell you to cum...understand dog?" After that I never would cum again until she said I could. Even times I thought I was about to cum and had permission, I had to look into her eyes and hear her say "cum" in order for me to do so. That pain was more intense than any blue balls I've ever had!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Missed Mistress

I was recently on a trip and missed a huge opportunity to possibly meet my new owner. We had met through the Internet and she liked my blog here. We exchanged pictures and I have to admit she was beautiful. She had dominating eyes, a fact I told her, and a smile that said, "I already own your ass."

She had simple request, a first meeting with no promise of anything else. We were to meet at a local restaurant so she could evaluate my potential. For about an hour before the meeting I was walking around my hotel with a huge erection. Keep in mind that I haven't been owned in forever and to be honest I'm getting tired of beating it on the toilet seat. She had said there would be nothing but dinner, but I imagined all sorts of things.

I had ideas that she would slide her food under the dinner table and tap my balls, or that I would be so impressive that she would say to hell with her own rules and take me home to a bondage experience that I never could have believed in happening. Sadly, my borrowed car had other ideas.

I went down to leave the hotel and found my car would not start. As much as I tried, I couldn't get it to start. I ended up having to call my potential Mistress and tell her the situation. She hoped things would get better and asked that we try to get together again before I had to leave. Unfortunately, my car needed extensive repairs and I never was able to get together.

Shortly after returning to the Dallas area, I learned from an email that my potential Mistress may have found a new slave. I was saddened, but understanding. I hoped that she was the type of Mistress who would want an entire stable of slaves. Needless to say, it is very hard (well, yes that too) to find an owner these days!