Thursday, November 1, 2018

Books, Books, Books

It's been awhile since I posted here on my blog and I felt it was time to update everyone. I would love to say that I've been so busy serving my Master or Mistress that I have not had time to right, but that's not true. I'm still without a collar - just a little information there - and still lonely. The good news is I've been working on some books. Based on my experiences and keeping in line with my Femdom leanings, I've written four books that are currently on Amazon. I've mentioned them here before, but I want to review the three that are specifically Femdom in nature. My first book was "Femdom Trials". It's the story of Mark as he prepares to take the last three trials, and very public trials they are, to become a full slave. Once he becomes a slave, he will give up everything he was before. No money, no credit, no belongings, no status as it will all be transferred to the school that taught him to fulfill his submissive side. He will then be auctioned off or taken away - if he has already been sold - and become the property of a female dominant somewhere in the world. He may be branded, castrated, pierced or otherwise modified for his new owner- he will no longer have any say, but first he must pass his final Femdom Trials. It is available in all languages and in easy to read digital print at
Amazon. Femdom Trials is here!

My second book was a follow up and is titled "Femdom Trials II". Mark's adventure has only just started. Imagine if you made it through the trials, you gave up everything and then found out that your high school girlfriend, the one you dumped, is now your new owner! She owns Mark's balls, his cock, his very life and she has plans. She intends to humiliate, rule, and oversee Mark in ways he had never imagined. Soon he will find he's on a new path and his former high school girlfriend will not only have the ultimate revenge, but she really will have Mark by his balls for the rest of his life! Femdom Trials II is also on Amazon!

My third book leaves Mark behind and moves on to Todd. Todd has a great relationship that appears to be dying, but when his girlfriend finds the Internet porn on his computer, she knows exactly what to do. She gets the advice she needs, she gets the tools she needs, and she locks Todd's cock up. Todd's going to wake up to a new world where he only gets out when she says. Locking Todd Up is also at Amazon.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Tattoos and Slaves, "Backdoor Deposit"

Slaves who get tattoos have always fascinated me but I have never had the courage to allow one to be part of my "Slave Contract". Even my Mistress, the one who died several years ago, had always said she was going to have me tattooed once we were married. I was okay with that because at least once we were married, I figured I would not likely end up in a broken relationship and a tattoo that said "Angie's Slut" stamped on my ass for the rest of my life. I knew she was going to keep me.

However, when I was young and doing some exhibition type of settings, I would always see various tattoos that amazed me. As you can imagine, the slaves - like me - were always nude, wearing a collar and a leash and usually some minimum leather. If you were lucky, you had a leather thong of some sort to at least give you some privacy. Most of the female slaves wore very slutty looking outfits from lingerie, to full leather tops and bottoms, or at least nipple covers and some leather pants. It was usually the male slaves that ended up with a cock hanging out into the wind for all to see, watch grow at times, and appropriately mock. Maybe that's because female slaves really have nothing to grow and once it's out there, it's there.

At one particular party or exhibition showing I was at I was required to be nude except for a cock cage, a leather collar and a leash. I was allowed to wear tennis shoes, so that helped me avoid any potential broken glass. At the time my Master was a gay Dom who liked his "boys" showing cock and being seen. I was very young at the time, still in my twenties, so it did not take much more than the flip of the risk to make me hard as a rock - this amused my Master and his friends greatly.

For this particular party there were games planned. All slaves that had been tested - drug, HIV, and other STD testing - in the past month were allowed to participate. The winners got to use the losers. It was fairly simple, whatever game or event you participated in by drawing, you had to win. If you won, your Master or Mistress got a ten dollar bill and you got to do whatever you wanted sexually to the slave. If you lost, the your Master or Mistress had to pay the ten dollars to the other owner and the slave got to use you however he or she wanted.

The first two to go were two male slaves that happened to be drawn. Both were well muscled, so it was decided that they would have a tug-of-war. The rope was placed on the floor, the two naked slaves both took an end of the rope and began to pull. It lasted a few minutes, but finally the smaller slave won. I think he was surprised, but nonetheless happy. His Mistress was paid the ten dollars and it was apparent that this slave had not had sexual release in sometime. All he wanted was a fulfilling blow job from the loser. The crowd laughed, and watched (part of the deal, everyone watches the sexual act) as the losing slave lowered himself and sucked off the winner. Within a minute, he was covered with man cream running out of his mouth and all over his face. The crowed erupted with cheers and laughter.

When it came my turn the lots were drawn and I had a small framed, black haired, girl with a dark completion. She must have been Hispanic by her looks, and I was fairly sure I was right when she spoke Spanish to any questions being asked. She had a tattoo across her chest and just about her breast that read, "Jose Owns". She had at least two more tattoos on her arms. One appeared to say, "Cum Slut" and the other something about "A Rope that's tight". She seemed very young, and I thought it was odd that she would allow herself to be tattooed at such a young age. I estimated that she must at least be 22 or so.

Within a minute the Masters and Mistress' had decided our game. A single round of five card draw. As I said, any game was possible. We were each dealt five cards and had one round to trade in up to three of them. As I looked at my cards, I felt confident this was my lucky night. I had three Aces right off the bat. I traded in two cards and got nothing. When we placed our cards on the table, she had a pair of nines.

It took just a minute for my Master to remove the cock cage to allow me to enjoy my sexual conquest. Although he liked to use us, it had been sometime since I had a young woman. My cock sprang to life and I could see by the look in the young girl's eyes that she was amazed and likely a little scared. I smiled, proud of winning, and proud I was about to empty into this little bitch.

A translator asked her my question. It was a simple question. "You have two holes I want. Either the front or the back. I will let you choose." It didn't take her but a second to smile at the translation and to go over and bend over the small leather sawhorse. I knew exactly what she meant.

I walked up behind her, placed a condom on my raging hard on and looked down. She had the most inviting tattoo stamped just above her butt crack. I should mention, she had a fine butt too. I smiled as I rubbed some lubrication on the condom, stoked it once or twice and adjusted myself to slide into her. Although she was tight, I could tell she had done this before. She knew just how to purr to cause me to get even harder and she had a way of putting her legs a little closer together and tighter as I spread my legs around her ass. I took hold her of hips and began to pound her slowly. I wanted to savor it, enjoy it because lord only knows when I would get to do this to a woman again.

As I pumped in and out, felt myself building up, I looked down and read her stamp one more time. "Backdoor Deposit" it read....I expoded inside the condom, wishing I could have left a deposit as requested. As I shook from my head to my toes, listened to the crowd cheer and applaud, it occurred to me that her Master must make nightly deposits to warrant such a tattoo.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Ebook Finding Herself

Make my day and yours, take time to read my newest book on Kindle - you can get the app and read it also without a Kindle! Carrie was left at the altar. Her life was destroyed, she started drinking, and finally started counseling. But sometimes counseling can open doors you never know you had. When Carrie's doors open, her entire life changes. This short story is meant to get you thinking and boiling and it's only 99 cents. As sales go up, Carrie will return for a more intense journey.
Finding Herself

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Femdom Trials Released

Hi all! I've released Femdom Trials. It's my first book and I'd love for you all to buy it, read it and write a review. If you have Kindle, you may also qualify to read it for free. Just check in and see!

Femdom Trials

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Amazon Book

I have good news. Soon I will publish my first Amazon E-Book. This book is guaranteed to get your juices pumping and most likely your hand. It will be a short book and as such it will be moderately priced. If you are interested, let me know by commenting, but I'll be putting a link up soon.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Year Update

Well not much has been happening at the close of 2017 and start of 2018. I have been working on a short book that I intend to publish soon. It's a combination of some of my experiences and some fantasy stuff. I honestly don't know if I'll publish it or not. May just forget it.

I will tell you that during a trip, just before Christmas, I met a fascinating woman in Oklahoma. I was in a training for pharmacy sells and seated at a table with three of reps. Some of these folks were from the same company I work for and others were from other companies. None of them know about my life as a submissive, although I suspect I do give signs.

The reason I suspect I give signs was the woman to my left kept making little "dominating" comments. You know the kind, "Well if we had a woman in the White House things would be different," or "Hillary should have chopped Bill's balls off years ago," or "My supervisor is a woman and I'm sooooo thankful." She would make these comments and then cut her eyes slightly at me. At first I thought it was the "You're a man," thing, but as the training went along, I found it was something different.

About two hours before the training was to end and after our third break or so, we sat down and somehow her hand found my leg. I jumped slightly at first, but not enough to get everyone's attention. My new friend seemed to notice how I responded and she left her hand on my leg. As we talked above the table, her hand gradually rubbed back and forth on my leg.

Well, needless to say I was glad my cock was pointing upward at the time because it did not take long for a standing erection to give pressure to my dress pants. At different times she would remove her hand and then return it. Each time she seemed closer and closer to my raging hard on. She had already given me a little smile that basically said, "Is this okay? ....oh yeah, I can tell by the way your eyes are glazing over it's fine."

By the time her hand reached my throbbing cock, she must have known she had me. She brushed me through my pants slightly just before laughing at a joke someone said at the table. The idiot making the joke must have thought his stupid joke was the greatest thing in the world the way she laughed. He thought she was laughing at his joke, but I knew she was laughing because she knew she was in complete control of me at the time.

The kind of pants I wear to these events is usually dress pants - these type have loose and easy to move material unlike jeans. As a result, you can easily find anything in them. They are so soft and easy to feel through, I sometimes think you could count pubic hairs through them. This woman was not, however, counting pubic hairs. Within a few minutes of touching my cock, laughing at the joke, and smiling at me, she had found my left nut.

For a second she rolled the little guy around between her thumb and finger. Up to this point most of her movements could have been taken by those above the table as her simply adjusting her dress or moving uncomfortably in the seat. I don't know how she kept them thinking this since her arm visibly moved at this point. It was at that moment, in our close seating arrangement that she said, "You know I hate the way these hose keep moving around on me," and I knew it was cover.

She stopped moving then, but kept my nut firmly between her finger and thumb. As the time passed she began to squeeze it. First it was a gentle squeeze - the type that say's to a man, "Hey, you're dumping this load tonight," but as time went the squeeze got harder. It gradually became the type of squeeze that said, "Hey, if I could pop this nut, I damn sure would!"

I struggled to keep a straight face and when the guy sitting next to me asked if I was okay, I just responded, "Yeah, I think I ate something bad for lunch."

When the end of the program came, she had almost increased the pressure to the point to where I was going to start crying. I was already breathing irregular and anyone around must have thought I was or was going to have a heart attack. When the event was over, she let go quickly and stood up with the rest of the room. I waited a moment to allow my nut to feel like it was expanding again.

I stood up a moment later as everyone was leaving the room. The woman, whose name was apparently "Charlene" by her name tag, smiled at me and asked, "Do you have a business card?" I said, "Yes and obediently handed it to her."

Charlene looked down at the front of my pants and must have seen the wet spot I was trying to hide with my jacket. She smiled, "How long have you been submissive?" she asked. "Since I was a little boy," I responded.

She smiled and turned to walk away. She looked back as if it was an afterthought. "I'll give you a call sometime Doug. It was great to meet you. I love networking with other providers and their employees. We should get together sometime."

I was going to respond, but before I could another person walked up to me and started talking about how great the training had been. I looked around after agreeing and did not see Charlene anywhere. I really wanted to find out about getting to know her better because she picked up on my submissive side immediately. Unfortunately, I failed to get her business card and I have no idea what company she was with so I'll just have to wait and see if she calls me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

First Castration Scare

Many of you may remember that my Mistress for sometime died a few years ago. I have not been collared since. I have had people want to, some wanted money - not going to happen - others it simply did not work out. Even for awhile I thought about finding my own slave and forcing him or her to "switch" from time to time, but who knows what will work since I'm submissive by nature. My Mistress used to love to play, and some of the memories I have relived her has shown that. One thing she said that she would do something was have me castrated. She had read all the books that said how it was beneficial to the male, how it would make a docile male even more docile, and how sexual urges would then be controlled through medications in addition to whatever other means an owner might want to take. Early in our relationship I was required to put my "donation" into storage. That meant that I, unlike other men, had to go to the fertility clinic where my Mistress announced that I needed to store my sperm for our potential future children and then she demanded to be in the room while I produced. Naturally, she found it easy to get me to chunk a load into the cup as I had been locked in chastity at that point for about two weeks. Those little baby makers just clumped right out into the cup as we locked eyes while I pumped away. After that, she was free to "surprise" me with castration at anytime. She played a lot with the idea, but the most afraid I ever was happened one night when we were supposed to be alone. She had spread out a plastic sheet on the bed and told me to lay on it naked. I did so, all the time imagining one of those mob movies where they shoot the guy in the plastic and haul the body away to never be seen again. The plastic crumpled and was uncomfortable, but I made do. In a few minutes she had my arms tied to the upper bedpost and my legs spread wide apart. It was at that moment that she announced she was going to shave my balls with a straight razor. I know I trembled as she put a blind fold on me and insisted that I not move. However, she said that her brother, a doctor, was in the living room watching TV in case she made an "oops-sy". I was shaking when I felt the edge of the straight razor touch the underside of my balls. I could not figure out why she wanted to do this since I was already clean shaven, but my mind - knowing her brother truly was a physician - begin to think the worse. I kept thinking, she swore if this was ever done she would get it professionally done and I would be out like a light. Here I was wide awake. The razor moved freely over my nuts and cock and despite my best effort I began to salute my Mistress. At that point she just laughed and said, "I think he really wants these two nuts out of his way," and with that she gently pulled each one down into the bottom of my sac. I was blindfolded and had been paying complete attention to my Mistress when I heard a man's voice in the room, "I thought you didn't want him to hurt through this?" Now I began to beg and plead. I kept thinking, "I'm young, hung, and full of cum.....wouldn't it be better to leave my nuts and torture them." All my Mistress did was laugh and say, "Look at him shaking all scared his little nuts are going bye-bye today." With that I heard the male voice say, "You're not doing this with him awake," just as there was a stinging sensation in my right hip followed by the familiar cold feel of an alcohol swab. "There," he said. "Let him sleep and I'll do him once he's out." At this point I was downright balling my eyes out. My Mistress said with a little alarm, "Hey, I wanted to get him off one more time." With that she began to work my cock like crazy up and down. She had some sort of jel, I assumed shaving cream, and it felt like I was sliding inside of her as her hand worked me quickly. Because she was in a wheelchair, she spent most of her time with her upper body working to move, and get around. It was showing now as I was nearing unconsciousness and ejaculation at the same time. Within a moment, I grunted and felt my load leap out of the end of my cock. I felt the cool hot splash of it as it landed on my stomach, chest and event upper collar bone. I was almost out when I heard her brother say, "That was a good last load," and she responded, "Yep, glad he's empty now." That was the last thing I remember. I woke up later with no plastic on the bed and curled to one side of the bed. My Mistress and her brother were nowhere to be found. I immediately reached down and found both balls still attached and safely in the sac. I heard her enter the room in her wheelchair. I looked at her and saw that she was completely nude except for a towel in her hair. She smiled and held up a Popsicle stick, "Amazing how that will make you think it's a straight razor isn't it? I like castration play....don't you? I think we'll do that more often in different ways." I swallowed, hit the floor and immediately crawled in front of her chair. There I kissed her knees and rapidly moved her legs apart and found her inner thigh and the rest of her sex. She immediately let out a sigh and gulped in air almost at the same time as I licked and licked-worshiping her like I had not done in sometime. "Wow," she managed. "If I knew castration scares will get this response out of you I'd be doing them nightly. To this day I believe she used the Popsicle stick, but I have no idea what the man - whom I believed to be her brother - gave me a shot of that put me to sleep. She never told me when she was alive and I never asked. I did increase my offer of oral sex nightly for the rest of her life.