Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Man Jacks Me Off For the First Time

As you may know I've been out of the country for almost a month working. It's getting crazy, but at least I've been able to finally catch a couple of chances to get on the Internet, very few but some. Anyway, I had typed up a recollection of my first time having a man, well other than my own, hands on my cock. I hope you enjoy as I think back and tell you about it.

It was several years ago and in fact it was close to when I started doing some modeling in my younger years when a man touched my cock for the first time. He was gay and interested in me and I knew this. He also knew that I was not gay, but was submissive. Looking back, he likely took advantage of me, but ultimately it helped me learn that a man can touch me and do things a woman can too. I was 18 at the time and he was 25. We had just signed on to the modeling contract and done a complete shoot. They were happy to have me around because I was dumb and, naturally as a healthy young 18 year old male, full of plenty of rock hard hard-ons and full of cum.

We had done the first shoot and I must admit I was nervous. It was nothing too serious, but Bill as he was called (I later heard his real name was Jimmy something) was in several shoots with me. We were acting out the roles of beat down men with two women dommes. It was easy for me and my body responded to their harsh language with a hard-on fit for the kings. Bill also seemed to pop one up with ease. We completed a basic shoot and then retired to the dressing rooms. It was in those rooms that Bill approached me.

We were both getting dressed when he asked if I had ever been with a man. I told him I had not and that I was not gay. He explained to me that in the "adult" industry eventually I would have to consider "gay" shoots and that even the female domination shoots that I had signed up for might have gay overtones. I told him that I had signed up because I was submissive and felt strongly that I wanted to serve full time as a slave. He indicated that he knew this, but reminded me that most of the women on the shoot were simply there for the pay. They either had boyfriends, were lesbians, or had other interest such as paying for school. He assured me that none of them wanted a slave and that I would have to expand my roles as time went on. He told me a lot about the adult industry and indicated that I could make good money in gay and straight films later.

After a brief conversation Bill finally told me that he was gay. He offered to help me get prepared for a gay shoot by giving me a hand job. I refused at first, but then he quickly asked me how I would deal with a shoot in the future when the photographer told me to suck a cock or have a man jack me off. I admitted that I was at a loss and agreed to go with Bill to have a trial run.

We ended up at Bill's apartment and he fed me some good beers. I say "good" because at this point I had never really had beer. I got light headed quickly, but in hindsight I noticed that Bill didn't let me drink too many. He was a smooth talker and before long I was sitting on the foot of his bed in nothing. He pulled his shirt off, asked me to lay back and moved carefully between my legs. He explained to me that he was going to jack me off so that I could see how it felt to have a man's hands on my cock and get used to it. My young response was, "Cool."

Bill reached up and pulled the cord on his ceiling fan, shutting it off, and explained that we didn't need it drying out the lube. He then pulled some K-Y from the bed side drawer, sat between my spread legs and took my cock in his hand. He gently massaged it and added just a few drops of K-Y. As he stroked me a little faster and with a little more intensity, we both noticed that I didn't really get hard. I got a little stiff, but nothing that was going to shoot off a load. I laughed and told him to look and see I wasn't gay.

He quickly responded and said that I simply wasn't comfortable yet. He then offered to tie me up, only loosely, so that I could get the feel of being submissive to him. I agreed and told him that I doubted that it would help. He gently ran a small rope around both bedpost and tied my wrist. I could tell that I could pull out easily if I wanted to. He then did the same with my legs. He had me on the bed in an "X" shape and stood at the end looking.

I don't know if it was the sweat on his chest because he had turned off the ceiling fan, or if it was just being tied, but I noticed that my cock began to get a little harder. Bill noticed too because he said, "See, you just need to be in your element. Now grab hold of the ropes and imagine that you can't move. I'm your master and I'm going to make you cum for my amusement."

Bill knelt between my legs again and I did as he said and grabbed the ropes with my hands. It immediately felt like I could not move and was trapped, even though I knew I was not. I felt additional K-Y drip on my cock and then suddenly felt his hand wrap tight around my cock.

Within a few seconds Bill was pumping me like a pumping station. I was rock hard as his hand moved up and down my cock at a steady pace. It was then that Bill informed me that only a man knew what would really make another man feel good and that only a man could make another man blast a cum. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying the pump, so I only nodded. I heard Bill laugh softly at me as he continued to pump me.

In a few more minutes, my head was spinning. I was in heaven. Each pump of his hand seemed to cause all the sense of my cock head to spring to life. I felt myself begin to tremble a little and I knew it would not be long until I came. I thought to myself the entire time that I was about to explode with a man's hand on my cock. I had done this with girlfriends, even an older Domme, but never with a man.

Bill must have noticed that I was nearing explosion as well. Within a moment I felt his other hand just under my balls. He traced a small line with his finger from my anus up to a mid region between my balls and anus. He then began to press gently on the area. For the first time in my life I thought my cock was going to rip apart. He must have added at least a half inch to it simply by pressing this spot between my anus and balls. My hips began to shake and I began to attempt to hump his hand. As if he wanted to maintain the pace, he immediately moved his other hand from the spot he and been pressing and grasped my balls firmly.

At this point I was almost totally lost. I didn't know whether to pay attention to where he had pressed between my legs, how he now held my balls firmly and stopped me from humping the air, or how his pumping of my expanding cock had increased in time. My head was spinning with all these new feelings.

Bill was an expert. I figured that he was watching me for all the signs because just before I exploded, he clamped down hard on my balls. Had this not been an intense sex act, I'm sure it would have hurt, but at this point it made me shudder. He also tightened his grip on my cock as it slide through his hand for just a moment and then loosened the grip on my cock while maintaining what must have been crushing pressure on my balls.

I exploded harder than I ever had in my life. For the first time I gasped for air, flounced with my arms and legs and humped my hips frantically against his hand. I let go of the rope and wasn't even aware of when it slide off my legs and arms. I felt hot cum splatter first on my stomach and within mini-seconds on my chest, the side of my face and was pretty sure it had shot beyond. Bill continued to pump me until that small feeling of irritation takes over when your cock head can no longer handle being touched. He then lowered by cock and released my balls.

I stumbled through what to say for the next few minutes. I couldn't even think straight. Bill laughed and pointed to his headboard and told me that I hit the board, my own head, my chest and he wasn't too sure that I didn't hit the ceiling fan above us. I was totally spent as Bill told me to stay there and rest as long as I wanted. He left the room telling me that I was now ready for "gay" porn and that I would do fine.

I never knew if Bill was just using me for some fun or if he was trying to teach me seriously to be ready for gay porn. I know that it has been easier to be with men since that time, but I still have to admit that I still prefer the hands of a strong Female Domme over those of a man any day.