Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Ball Free Slave

Several years ago my Mistress and I were visiting an older couple who also practices domination and submission. If I remember correctly he was in his 70's and she was in her late 60's or early 70's. To be honest, I thought he was a little sloppy looking. You know the type, baggy arms, thin chest, gaunt face and hollow cheeks. He just almost seemed sickly. I was dreading what might be planned for the evening when my Mistress and his Mistress decided to leave us alone. We were told to find a game to watch, enjoy ourselves and relax. We were prohibited from any sexual actions, with each other or otherwise.

We sat in a small den in the trailer they owner watching one of those large clunky color TVs. I think it was Saturday night, so some college game was one. There we both sat with thick black collars around our necks in tight leather with tight white T-Shirts. We had been dressed alike for the evening.

While we had small talk about the game and sipped soft drinks, I took a moment to check out his package. In these situations you naturally assume that either he's going to take your Mistress while you watch, get taken by your Mistress, or you're going to be the object of the game. I wanted to know how he compared to me. I was also keenly aware that I might end up on the receiving end of whatever was in his pants. However, when I looked, something did not look right.

He must have caught me staring because he grinned for a second and reached down to lift the side of his shorts. A small cock popped it's head out with what appeared to be a limp sack of nothing. He then pulled his skin around slightly and showed me two little scars. "She has them," he said. The smile got a little wider. "Took them when I was about your age."

My throat immediately tightened and I instinctively reached and covered my balls. I was terrified and he could see it. He continued to prompt me, "Have you donated?"

"What?" I managed to stumble out while watching him push his useless cock and sack back into his shorts.

"Do you have sperm frozen? Has she put your little baby makers on ice yet for the future?"

I remembered the trip to the doctor and her standing in the room watching me pump off a fist full of white piles into a sample cup before it was sent to be saved. She had told me that this was in case she ever decided to have me fixed, we could still have kids. I figured she was joking, but sitting next to this ball-free slave had me wondering.

"You look like you're surprised, " he said as he too a drink of coke. "My wife has been a nurse for years. She did mine like I said when I was your age and my understanding is that you're getting them removed tonight. I hear they are fixing the room right now."

I sat, numb through much of the game and when the two Mistress' returned I know I had dread on my face. My mind was racing and all I wanted to do was yell, "No, I want to keep my nuts!" We were both told to follow our Mistress' to the back room. I did so trembling.

Once there, I saw a soft queen sized bed with no ropes or any signs of medical stuff. My Mistress reached in her purse and pulled out a condom. "Doug," she said. "My friend here has not had sex in awhile. Since her husband is no longer able to perform for her, I would like you to satisfy her before we all get dressed and go to a movie."

I shot a quick glance at the ball free slave and saw he was smiling. His Mistress must have known something was up. She shot a glance and him and then back at me. "Did he tell you the 'I took his balls' story again?"

I nodded quickly and the all laughed.

"Honey, no," she said in a soothing voice. "Fred here had cancer a few years ago in both testicles. They had to remove them. Since he wants to keep me happy, as well he should, we have little sessions where I get to have sex with....well, whoever the hell I want, and I want you. I saw you at a party with your Mistress and we became fast friends. She has told me that you're okay when it comes to pleasing a woman with your cock and that's what I want. Fred will just watch....but honey your balls aren't going anywhere."

I took the condom and found Fred's Mistress to actually be very attractive for her age. It took me moments to fit the condom on and look to my Mistress. My Mistress nodded her approval and I moved between Fred's Mistress' legs. Just before I penetrated her, I glanced over at him and noticed his eyes were locked on our sex. I whispered softly, but loud enough for Fred to hear and certainly everyone else in the room, "Psst...Fred, I'm going to enjoy this," and then I rammed myself into his Mistress. She moaned with pleasure almost immediately.