Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tied Balls

There is just something fantastic about a male slave having his balls tied. I'm not sure if it is the feeling of the sack being pulled away from the body, the feel of a rope looping around two trapped nuts dangling inside the skin pulled away from their safe zone, or it's the fact that the end of the rope usually leads to a dominant person. Whatever the reason is, I get extremely hot and bothered whenever a Master or Mistress ties my balls.

If you have never had your balls tied as a male slave, then you have to try it. If you're uncomfortable or your Mistress or Master is uncomfortable with the idea, here's a simple rule to remember. Never cut off circulation. You can tie them fairly tight without causing any real damage. Unlike spankings, crops, or even a good old whack to the nuts, tied off balls should never hurt. If it starts to hurt, then you need to let off how tight they are tied. In fact, the only time tied nuts should hurt is when they are whacked, or tugged on. I'll grant, there may be some uncomfortable feelings initially, but overall you should not have pain or your balls should not began to darken. If they do, remove the rope immediately. Unless castration is your goal, you really don't want to have your nuts die!

Anyway, the first step is simple. Your Master or Mistress should grasp your sac gently and pull down. Both your nuts (if you have two) should be trapped in the bottom of your sac. The gentle, or maybe rough, tug downward will likely get your attention. If you adore your Master or Mistress, you may get a hard on immediately. However, with the tugging on your balls, you might not. It varies from person-to-person. Just for those wondering....I get an instant raging hard on!

Once they are tugged down, a rope or cord is best. Don't use thin other words no fishing line, no piano string, etc. If you do that you're liable to find your nuts rolling across the floor. Use something thick and hopefully soft. Loop it once or twice around the sac just above the nuts. Finally tie it off

You can have it tied in a bow for easy release, a knot, or however your Master or Mistress wants it. Once done, there may be a length of rope for your Mistress or Master to lead you around with or not. Either way, you'll find your balls securely dangling away from your body.

The benefits of tied balls can be many. First, if you ejaculate quickly (bad slave) then this might help. Everyone knows that when a male ejaculates, his balls draw up tight against the body. By having them pulled away, it may prolong the ejaculation. I have found this is the case for me. With my nuts pulled securely away, I have a raging hard on that seems to last forever. This is also a good process to stretch your ball sac. For those who want nuts hanging to their knees, this is a good way to work toward that. Your skin will stretch with time. Just don't leave this on all the time, you'll chaff and develop an infection...not good.

Now, for those that do not have a Master or Mistress interested in doing this, you can still do this too yourself. Simply follow the same guidelines and tie off your own balls. You'll enjoy the feeling and if you're prone to masturbation, you'll love the feeling of your nuts bouncing up and down while trapped at the bottom of your sac. I've done this many times myself while standing up with my legs slightly apart. It's awesome to feel your nuts swinging back and forth as you pump yourself into a huge ejaculation. Sometimes you'll find that your ejaculation will be more powerful and more satisfying with your balls tied. Just remember, after you have dumped that huge load into a cup or onto a towel, what would your Master or Mistress have you do with it? You have to clean that mess up don't you? :).......enjoy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Educational Masturbation

Years ago, shortly after I completed the photo shoot used in my profile picture, I was approached by one of the ladies who had worked on the set. She had worked with most of the female models and looked younger than she really was. I would have assumed, at first glance that she was between sixteen and eighteen years of age; however, since everyone had to be at least eighteen to work on the set, I was fairly sure she was at least of legal age. She introduced herself and said that she "liked what she saw." She then wanted to know if I was a true submissive or if this was just a photo shoot job for me.
To be honest, I wasn't really sure how to react to the question she placed in front of me. On one hand, I had known a long time about my submissive side; however, on the other hand few people really knew at that point in my life. I was running through my head that these people had my home address, my information for my check, and who knows what else about me. When I paused, it must have gave her a heads up or something because she quickly added, "Oh, if you're not or you're not interested, that's fine, I'll just..." I cut in quickly and found myself saying, "I am." She laughed for a moment and asked if I was submissive or just a model. When I told her that I was submissive, her smile grew a little. "Good," she said. "I'm having a get together this evening. My husband is out of town and I'm having some girlfriends over." She handed me a paper with her address. "Be there about seven, and" her smiled got a little wider, "You have to obey everything I say, okay?" I nodded and put the paper away in my bag.
That evening I arrived a little before seven and was shown to a bathroom. There, I was told to strip and wear only what was in the bathroom. I found a tight red thong-styled underwear (at this time I had no idea they made these for men) that shot up between my ass and felt very uncomfortable. I also found a black bow tie and a pair of white, military styled gloves. I had it all on for a few minutes when I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to see the young woman standing there in a nice evening dress. She smiled, "Perfect," she said. "You will call me Mistress for the evening, and do everything I say, okay?" Like an idiot, I found myself nodding again trying to move around to get my erection to at least not be so noticeable. She must have seen me doing this, because she smiled again and said, "Don't be shy with that."
During the evening I found that the gathering really wasn't much of a party get together. Counting "Mistress" there were a total of four ladies present. Two were older, maybe in their forties or even fifties. One lady, like Mistress, I thought looked too young to be at a get together. If I was going to guess, I would have said she was no older than fifteen. They drank, ate small snacks and sat around the living room listening to a record player with music form the Bangles and the Boss for the most part. I served the food and drinks for the most part. At just after midnight, Mistress called me into the center of the living room.
I stood there as she walked around me and toyed with my nipples and chest. Finally she allowed her fingers to glide down to the front of the black underwear where she ran the tips of her fingers up my enclosed shaft. I was instantly erect again after the hours had allowed me to die down. She looked to the other ladies, "I hope you have enjoyed my little slave here tonight. Now, I'm going to have him perform for us." The ladies all giggled like school girls, especially the one I thought was no more than fifteen.
I was told to remove the gloves, and underwear. The ladies then all sat beside each other on the long couch and I was instructed to stand in front of them. The coffee table was moved and I stood there looking at four attractive ladies in evening dresses. Mistress handed me a tube of KY and told me that I was going to perform for them and that I should start by making myself hard and not to cum until she allowed it.
This was my first real experience with jacking off in front of anyone. I found myself in front of four lovely ladies with a handful of KY and my man meat and stroking slowly. The two older ladies sat on either end of the couch and the young girl sat next to Mistress in the center. I was directly in front of Mistress. I continued to stroke fairly slow because I was afraid I'd loose it at the wrong time. Finally, Mistress starting encouraging me. She was saying things like, "That's a good boy. Beat that junk for me."
I could tell I was building up fast when one of the older ladies asked, "Will he cum soon?" I thought I would just from her asking. Mistress must have been able to tell because it was at that time that she moved slightly to the side and had the girl sitting next to her move to the middle of the couch, directly in front of me. I was at least two to three feet away from the young lady when Mistress said, "Watch him closely," she then turned her attention to me, "Slave," it was the first time she had called me that. "Cum now so this young lady can see how men jack off and cum."
Her words and the young girl in front of me was too much. I lost it and exploded right there. The two older ladies clapped and laughed as did Mistress. The young lady smiled as several small shots of my cum landed on her dress in various spots. I was sure I was going to be in trouble, but they all laughed just the same.
When I was finished, and exhausted, Mistress told me to go get dressed. I did so and remained in the bathroom until she came. She immediately walked me to the door. Once there, she thanked me and shared with me that the young girl was the same age as Mistress, they were both twenty-three; however, her friend was getting married in a few days and had never had sex or even seen a man cum. I had been invited there so that she could witness a man masturbating and cumming. She thanked me as she gently pushed me to the door. I turned to ask if I would see her again and she quickly said before I could say anything, "Goodbye Doug. Please loose this address and don't come back."
Being an obedient submissive and having agreed to follow her directives, I got rid of the address and never went back. A few days later I saw her on the final day of the photo shoot. She was working with the female models for make up again. She smiled at me once, but never said a word. I never saw her on another shoot after that and I kinda always wondered how her friend's marriage worked out.