Thursday, August 29, 2013

Master/ Submissive and the Double Cum

As I have mentioned before, I'm an older sub now. As I move closer to 50 than to 40, I am finding it harder and harder (not that) to find Domme and Dom's interested. Everyone wants a "hard-body" youth for a sub. Nobody is interested in a middle-aged guy with grey hair not only showing on his head, but also showing slightly around his other head. But, there is something to be said for experience.

A few weeks ago I met a young Dom interested in a slave. He was not interested in me because I simply was too old for him. He was only 25 and without a doubt very much aware that he was hot. He had decided he wanted another hot young sub, maybe around 20 or so, that he could have a hot bodies unite with. While I must admit, the idea of this is hot, I asked him if he had given much thought to experience. He had not and simply said he could teach anyone anything he wanted. After checking him out for a few minutes and talking to him, I knew he had a high level of testosterone. I finally was forward and asked him when the last time he had cum was. Turned out to be a day or two before. This opened my door. I told him that I would bet him $100 that I could make him cum two times, back to back, with the experience I knew. He took the bet laughing.

I spent the first five minutes or so just getting to know this hot Dom. I kissed his chest, rubbed his thighs, felt his tight ass and pretty much gave his young body a light massage. He had tight pointed nipples, so they made it easy to suckle on as I fondled his balls. finally, when I noticed he was breathing heavy, I asked him if he was ready to cum. He naturally was so I went straight down to his cock and took it deep into my mouth. I was careful to avoid massaging his balls at this point,but I sucked that 25 year old Dom in ways I'm sure he had never been sucked before. In a matter of minutes I quickly learned that he was on a high protein diet as he filled my throat. I thought for a moment he would shoot the back of my head off with the force, but I held on.

Once I was sure he had emptied this load and subsided, I slide up his now sweaty checks and stopped right next to his ear. I learned a long time ago to never kiss a Dom on the mouth after you've swallowed his load unless he wants you to do so. I was right next to his ear and whispered, "That was a good load for a young man like yourself. Now are you ready to have both heads spin around?" He quickly nodded his head to the positive without saying anything. I slide back down his body, stopping only at his hard pecs to suckle that nipple again and then ending right at his cock.

He was slightly limp, but I could see that he still had some man left in him. This time, I allowed my mouth and hands to focus on his balls more than his cock. As I did this, he began to moan. It was apparent that most subs had likely spent all their time on his cock and not much on sensitive balls below. That makes sense since most subs might think they would hurt the Master by messing too much with his balls, but what most subs don't realize is that balls are incredible to play with, to fondle, to suckle, and massage. Almost immediately his cock sprang to attention and slapped me gently on the side of the face.

I continued for several moments ignoring his throbbing cock and staying on his balls. Within a few minutes I felt his cock bounce on my cheek twice. That's what I like to call the "knock-knock". Yeah, that's all mine, but it means he's filling up and feeling good. I moved my mouth from his balls and took in his cock completely. Now he gasp outloud and started gently rocking his own hips. I could tell he was literally humping my mouth at this point. I kept my hand firmly on his balls, but rather than pull them away from his body like some would do, I pushed them tight up next to his cock. I continued to allow him to pump my mouth and I gently started increasing pressure on his balls. I was basically squeezing him tighter and tighter to his own body. Within a few more moments I could tell that he was getting ready to cum. I pulled my mouth off his cock at this time, looked up at him and said, "Master, may I have your load again?" and then I quickly took in his cock again. It was too much and as he unleashed another load, I increased the pressure on his balls forcing him to almost hump my face off.

When we were done, he was laying there with me beside him just saying slowly, "Wow, first time I did that twice." He managed to get out a "I guess I owe you a $100." I smiled and said, "No, I'm not a slut for hire. Keep your money. I just wanted to show you that an old slave knows how to make his master cum twice."