Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nipples were made to suck or torture

Let's face it. We all have nipples. Some are big and fat, some are small and some are just average, but we have them. So, what are they for? I mean, yes, in a woman they provide milk, but in a man? It doesn't even make sense. I was contemplating this one day when it came to me that Nipples in men are made for one of two things. They are either made to be sucked or tortured. In other words, you're either a Dominant Male, or a submissive male.

Looking at the Dominant Male first, as well we should, can tell us a lot. Consider how much pleasure you can bring to your Master by simply licking His nipples lightly, or even sucking on them. It's a build up of anticipation. Regardless of how He feels about it, having a slut (male or female) gently sucking at his nipples and kissing them will cause a stir in your Master's prime area. You spend a few minutes sucking, circling your lips around them, and then kissing them lightly, and then work your way down His chest. When you reach His Pride, you'll find it rock hard waiting on your mouth and some additional sucking. The well trained slut will know that nipple play will cut out the need for working his Master up. The Master will be hard, the slut will be ready, and in some lucky cases it's just a matter of bending over or spreading your legs.

Now when we consider the slut, it's total torture. A nipple can have a clamp with a chain, a simple clamp with no chain or even a roach clip while you prepare you next joint pending the slave's pain level. With the female or male slut, a few well placed licks can get the slave ready for something else. It's torture to build Your slave up by teasing and then watch him or her wither under your control. My favorite time was when a clamp with a small chain was placed on both my nipples. It hung freely with no additional attention or work needed. Well, naturally, the leash around my balls kept my mind off the clamps a little!

The bottom line....whether you are destined to be on the bottom while your Master pounds you, or the one pounding your sluts, you can always know your nipples were made for something!