Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Castration Question

Slow she moves the razor blade along his cleanly shaved cock. He trembles slightly as she pauses and lifts his sack with her left hand. He feels the stick as she places the point of the corner against his skin. “One little flick of my wrist,” she says with a smile. “That’s all it takes and bye-bye little boys.”

If the above paragraph made you tingle between your legs or even more, then you may be like dozens of other submissive men. It seems from searching the Internet that men, especially submissive men, have multiple fantasies about castration. For the most part, men are visual creatures. It only takes a few moments of searching porn to find that there is way more out there for men than there is for women. Men like pictures and women generally like stories. However, castration stories, and sometimes pictures, has a strong effect on the submissive male.

Often the submissive reads the stories of castration and seems himself in the role of the slave to be castrated. He dreams about it and before long, he has a thriving erection wanting for release. However, the question remains, does the male slave really want the castration, or just the threat of a castration.

I cannot speak for other slaves, but as for me, I seek the thrill of someone holding the power over me. Many times, I’ve had a Master or Mistress holding me by my balls and saying things like, “Screw up and they are gone,” and other nice little things. They’ve been slapped (my balls not Master or Mistress), kicked, and put in more CBT devices than I care to remember. I’ve even passed out before, but the one rule remains, until you truly own me, the balls stay.

By truly own, I mean simply we are married, older living together, or otherwise domestically tied. There has to be more than a slave contract. I love castration play and will worship at the feet of the Master or Mistress who causes me to tremble in fear, but when it comes to that cutting, banding, or clamping moment, we have to stop short. On the other hand, put a ring on my neck and a ring on my finger, and you might just end up making your own eunuch when you decide. However, until that day comes, these balls are for torture only….