Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First CBT

Right now I am under consideration. This is very exciting for me as it means that a Mistress, in this case, is currently considering whether or not to use me as her slave. As any submissive can tell you, this is a very exciting and trying time. One of the things she recently told me is that she enjoys CBT. I thought it might be appropriate to tell about my first CBT session.

It was several years ago and I was just a young slave with very little time as a submissive. I had been allocated to be used by a Mistress in a group around Dallas. In fact, this was from the time period when the picture in my profile was taken. I was in my early to late twenties and the Mistress to enjoy me was twenty-two. Not only was this my first time to have CBT, but it was also the first Mistress who was younger than me.

I have to admit the idea of having a dominant Mistress younger than me always gets me excited. At the party house, she put a collar on my neck and a leash and led me on all fours to a private room. There was some cat-calls and yells as we went. Once we got in there she instructed me to look up at her. I did and found her somewhat attractive. She had sandy brown hair and was a little on the heavy side. She pointed to the bed and said, "spread."

I was already naked, so this was no problem. I got on the bed spread eagle and waited. She gently connected a rope to each leg and then each arm. Because I did not know her and she did not know me, she left the arms loose. In truth, I could break free anytime I wanted to do so.

She then asked me one question, "Safe?" It was simple and meant to find my "safe" word. I responded, "Wonder". "That will do," she said and turned her attention to my balls.

Once there, she pulled each testicle down slightly and looped a rope around it individually. She then took the string all the way down, pulled it until my ball was starting to hurt and tied the string around my foot. She repeated this with the other testicle just the same. She then took a third strig and pulled it tight around the head of my cock. Because I have a very thick head on my penis, the little rope stayed on my erection and she tied it around my neck.

I was thinking that this was not too bad for CBT when I saw her take out a short whip. It moved more than a riding crop, but not much. She stood beside the bed, flexed the whip once or trice and then brought it down sharply on my stomach. To be honest it really did not sting that bad. Unfortunately, it made me jump!

When I jumped, my feet immediately pulled the strings attached to my outstretched balls. From that reaction, my head jerked causing the string around my other head to jerk. She laughed slightly and brought the whip down again.

My Mistress for the evening repeated this type of torture for nearly an hour. By the time she was done, my balls were killing me, my cock felt completely stretched out, and my stomach had rows of red marks on it. At the end she looked at me and asked, "Like it?" I responded, "Yes maam". With that she left the room.

I untied myself and tended to my hurting balls. I know I walked bowlegged when I went back into the common areas. One Master asked me if Shelly had shown me "CBT". When I nodded as I was limping, he laughed. I never saw Shelly at a party again after that night.