Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Master Max's Session

Max is a friend of mine who is also a hot Dom. Over the holidays, we got together for a little fun session. You have to understand; I’ve known Max and his health status for years. He is very clean and disease free.

Our session opened easy enough. I stripped and presented myself to Master Max for examination. He checked body hair, made some minor trips, collared me, put his special leash on me and led me to the worship area.

The worship area is an area where I pay special homage to Master Max. It is right beside his special restraint table. He steps up on a box or sometimes sits in an elevated chair he has. I have to remove his cock and balls from his pants and worship them. After bringing Master to full attention, he will then put me on his table.

The table is Master’s own design. It is a square table with cuffs on one end a U-bolt through the side of the opposite end. I have to lay on the table; he cuffs me down and then takes my cock and balls and puts them in the U-bolt before securing it to the table. Effectively I am bent over the table with my ass exposed. Master Max then straps my legs to both the right and left table leg.

Because we share a tight bond, Master Max wants there to be some enjoyment, not too much for me also, as the slave. He lubes his cock with my spit and some K-Y. at this point, I’m helpless on the table and he enters me from the back. Again, because I have known him and know his status, he has no protection on. He simply starts to pound me until I feel him widen in my ass. He always pushes deep when he’s about to cum, gets thicker and starts to grunt. At this point, I am required to recognize that Master is about to cum and encourage him. I usually say such things as “Give it to me Master,” or “Thank you Max for your load,” “Praise Max for his cum,” or any other phrase. He usually grunts very loud and then I feel his hot fluids fill me.

After he has finished one or two things happens. He either whips me for a while, or I clean him and he allows me to be satisfied. This time he allowed me to clean his cock with my mouth and then jack off on his boot. While I was jacking, he used the toe of his boot to lift my balls and bounce them as he sang, “Jingle balls” to his favorite Christmas tune. Once I came, I had to clean his boot and then we went to bed.

The next morning was fantastic as usual. We woke up and I immediately started to worship Master Max’s cock. When I thought he was about ready to cum, I started to remove my head to allow me to stroke him and jack him off onto his chest where I would then clean him. This time Master had something different in mind. I felt his firm hand on the back of my head. It was the indication that I was to swallow it straight from his shaft. I felt him widen in my mouth and explode, as I had to gulp to keep from choking. After cleaning Master Max, I left one happy fucking slave!!!!