Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Am I Simply a "Top Sub" Now?

Lately, I have had some changes in my feelings, and I guess you could say I have had changes in my abilities.   The older I get, the more I seem to be claustrophobic.   I discussed this in an earlier post a year or so ago on this blog, but now it seems intense. 

I can no longer stand to get bound up in sheets or tight places without starting to panic.  While I do not have a Mistress right now, I have tried to lay down and imagine myself tied to a bed.  During that time I have found more and more panic type feelings.  When I look at pictures of males tied up and imagine myself in those positions, it gets hard to breathe and I start to panic again.  This is not a good sign obviously for a male submissive.  But there is more...

I've also found myself very attracted to females in bondage.  Sometimes the idea of having a submissive of my own causes a stir that I have not had before.  I find myself imagining owning her, dominating her, pulling her back by her hair, and even tieing her down.  There seems to be no reason for it or a specific woman in mind.  I can see myself as Dom for a heavy set woman, a thinking woman, big-breasted, small-breasted, blond, redhead, etc.    It just seems the idea of dominating a woman is getting stronger, but it gets into more...

I've also found myself thinking about dominating a man.  Naturally, at my age for some reason I see myself having a twenty-thirty-year-old well-toned submissive male tied down with a rock hard erection sticking up in the middle of the bed. 

There is no way of knowing if my changes mean I'm no longer submissive or not.  I still am attracted to the idea of a woman dominating me.  I still have my chastity device and think someday she will put it on me when she collars me, but I am fearful of a Domme who might want to tie me down.   Who knows, maybe I have just reached an age where a good Domme needs two submissives...you know, as long as one is the rope one and I get to be the Top-Sub. 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

October's Locktober Is Here!

 It's that time of year again when it's time to challenge that submissive man, husband, boyfriend, or boy toy to the ultimate challenge - Locktober!  Each year the post starts flying on Twitter and other social media.  Loctober is here.  The next thing you know, everyone has a post with pictures of locked up cocks in them.  There's fat cocks, small cocks, long cocks, and short cocks, and they all find themselves locked up and loving it for the month.

Have you tried it yet?  If not, now is your chance.  It's a lot easier than you think, especially with a month to celebrate.  Some guys want it, but they just don't know how to tell their partners about it.  Well, now you have an entire month.  I'd suggest the following start-up conversations:

"Hey, honey.  It's Loctober.  Did you know that is when you're supposed to lock your man up in a chastity device for the month?  Isn't that a cool celebration?"

There you go, the dialogue is open.  You can now roll with it.  If she, or he, calls it "sick," "crazy," or just "dumb," then you know where you stand.  However, if they open up the discussion, then tell them your desires and wants.

Now, for those of you never locked up, let me tell you how this is going to go.  Your significant other is going to have a key to your chastity device, and your little dicky is going to be locked.  No erection, no pop-ups during the day, and certainly no masturbation.  If your Keyholder is good, she or he will not let you have the key - even when you're begging in three to five days for relief.  That's right, if you have never done this before, that urge to have a satisfying tent in your pants is going to hit you, and it's going to wallop you hard...Yeah, pun intended here.

You're going to get horny as hell.  This is the time when the Keyholder finds out exactly what you will do to get out.  She or he needs to take full advantage of this.  That's right, you're going to suck dick or lick that heavenly cave.  You're going to beg, lick, suck, kiss, and do anything you can think of to get out.  If your keyholder is wise, he or she will have the greatest month of satisfaction ever in their life.  That's right because you - that little locked up cock - is going to do anything they say.  If she says, "Kiss my ass," you're going to cover it with kisses, "Lick my feet," guess what? You're on the ground doing it.  You sir...are a submissive and owned chastity slave now for Locktober.

So, make your partner's month and introduce him or her to Locktober.  I promise you at the end when you get out, not only will be horny as hell, you'll likely blow that big load just thinking about all you did for the one you love.

Now, if you're like me and you have no mistress, you can find several services online that will hold your key - usually for a fee.  You can reach out to friends or others to hold it.  As for this Locktober, I'll be spending nights alone and writing so I can bring you more stories and more excitement on Kindle.  Be sure to look me up with keywords (key - see what I did there?) like "Doug Thomas, Femdom" "Doug Thomas, Femdom Trials," and naturally the book for this month "Locking Todd Up" by me!  Enjoy and get locked up!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Books, Books, Books

It's been awhile since I posted here on my blog and I felt it was time to update everyone. I would love to say that I've been so busy serving my Master or Mistress that I have not had time to right, but that's not true. I'm still without a collar - just a little information there - and still lonely. The good news is I've been working on some books. Based on my experiences and keeping in line with my Femdom leanings, I've written four books that are currently on Amazon. I've mentioned them here before, but I want to review the three that are specifically Femdom in nature. My first book was "Femdom Trials". It's the story of Mark as he prepares to take the last three trials, and very public trials they are, to become a full slave. Once he becomes a slave, he will give up everything he was before. No money, no credit, no belongings, no status as it will all be transferred to the school that taught him to fulfill his submissive side. He will then be auctioned off or taken away - if he has already been sold - and become the property of a female dominant somewhere in the world. He may be branded, castrated, pierced or otherwise modified for his new owner- he will no longer have any say, but first he must pass his final Femdom Trials. It is available in all languages and in easy to read digital print at
Amazon. Femdom Trials is here!

My second book was a follow up and is titled "Femdom Trials II". Mark's adventure has only just started. Imagine if you made it through the trials, you gave up everything and then found out that your high school girlfriend, the one you dumped, is now your new owner! She owns Mark's balls, his cock, his very life and she has plans. She intends to humiliate, rule, and oversee Mark in ways he had never imagined. Soon he will find he's on a new path and his former high school girlfriend will not only have the ultimate revenge, but she really will have Mark by his balls for the rest of his life! Femdom Trials II is also on Amazon!

My third book leaves Mark behind and moves on to Todd. Todd has a great relationship that appears to be dying, but when his girlfriend finds the Internet porn on his computer, she knows exactly what to do. She gets the advice she needs, she gets the tools she needs, and she locks Todd's cock up. Todd's going to wake up to a new world where he only gets out when she says. Locking Todd Up is also at Amazon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Ebook Finding Herself

Make my day and yours, take time to read my newest book on Kindle - you can get the app and read it also without a Kindle! Carrie was left at the altar. Her life was destroyed, she started drinking, and finally started counseling. But sometimes counseling can open doors you never know you had. When Carrie's doors open, her entire life changes. This short story is meant to get you thinking and boiling and it's only 99 cents. As sales go up, Carrie will return for a more intense journey.
Finding Herself

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Femdom Trials Released

Hi all! I've released Femdom Trials. It's my first book and I'd love for you all to buy it, read it and write a review. If you have Kindle, you may also qualify to read it for free. Just check in and see!

Femdom Trials

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Amazon Book

I have good news. Soon I will publish my first Amazon E-Book. This book is guaranteed to get your juices pumping and most likely your hand. It will be a short book and as such it will be moderately priced. If you are interested, let me know by commenting, but I'll be putting a link up soon.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Locked Up for .....Nobody

It's been awhile since I have posted here, but to be honest I have been swamped with work. I've also been constantly looking for a new owner. I must admit, it's hard....no pun intended...to find an owner in this world. Everyone seems only interested in financial slaves. Well anyway, here's what I've been up to... I decided about two weeks ago now to lock myself up. I still have a nice, plastic chastity cage. It has the standard lock on top and fits in such a way to allow my balls to be slightly pushed out. I can still use the restroom and have honestly had it off for cleaning, but otherwise I have worn it constantly. Now, if you know anything about these plastic cages, then you know the steel lock clicks each time you walk. In other words it's like you're announcing to the world that you have something metal in your pants. The best way to remedy this little problem is to wrap some tissue around the lock, and tape it on. Once done, it muffles the clicking sound when you walk. So, it's been two weeks of cock-binding, hard-on killing, chastity so far. I'm thinking of going for a month and then seeing what sort of load I can produce. As I get older, I find changes occurring daily to my sexual abilities. Let me tell you something Doms....while you're out there pound as much ass and as much pussy as you can. When you find yourself older, you'll just be happy to have some little slut fondling your balls. Well, I digress. It's time to go take the cock out and clean it again. I'll try to keep you updated and maybe even post a picture of the load when it comes time. Just remember, this is for nobody....maybe you'd like to be in control????