Tuesday, June 20, 2017

First Castration Scare

Many of you may remember that my Mistress for sometime died a few years ago. I have not been collared since. I have had people want to, some wanted money - not going to happen - others it simply did not work out. Even for awhile I thought about finding my own slave and forcing him or her to "switch" from time to time, but who knows what will work since I'm submissive by nature. My Mistress used to love to play, and some of the memories I have relived her has shown that. One thing she said that she would do something was have me castrated. She had read all the books that said how it was beneficial to the male, how it would make a docile male even more docile, and how sexual urges would then be controlled through medications in addition to whatever other means an owner might want to take. Early in our relationship I was required to put my "donation" into storage. That meant that I, unlike other men, had to go to the fertility clinic where my Mistress announced that I needed to store my sperm for our potential future children and then she demanded to be in the room while I produced. Naturally, she found it easy to get me to chunk a load into the cup as I had been locked in chastity at that point for about two weeks. Those little baby makers just clumped right out into the cup as we locked eyes while I pumped away. After that, she was free to "surprise" me with castration at anytime. She played a lot with the idea, but the most afraid I ever was happened one night when we were supposed to be alone. She had spread out a plastic sheet on the bed and told me to lay on it naked. I did so, all the time imagining one of those mob movies where they shoot the guy in the plastic and haul the body away to never be seen again. The plastic crumpled and was uncomfortable, but I made do. In a few minutes she had my arms tied to the upper bedpost and my legs spread wide apart. It was at that moment that she announced she was going to shave my balls with a straight razor. I know I trembled as she put a blind fold on me and insisted that I not move. However, she said that her brother, a doctor, was in the living room watching TV in case she made an "oops-sy". I was shaking when I felt the edge of the straight razor touch the underside of my balls. I could not figure out why she wanted to do this since I was already clean shaven, but my mind - knowing her brother truly was a physician - begin to think the worse. I kept thinking, she swore if this was ever done she would get it professionally done and I would be out like a light. Here I was wide awake. The razor moved freely over my nuts and cock and despite my best effort I began to salute my Mistress. At that point she just laughed and said, "I think he really wants these two nuts out of his way," and with that she gently pulled each one down into the bottom of my sac. I was blindfolded and had been paying complete attention to my Mistress when I heard a man's voice in the room, "I thought you didn't want him to hurt through this?" Now I began to beg and plead. I kept thinking, "I'm young, hung, and full of cum.....wouldn't it be better to leave my nuts and torture them." All my Mistress did was laugh and say, "Look at him shaking all scared his little nuts are going bye-bye today." With that I heard the male voice say, "You're not doing this with him awake," just as there was a stinging sensation in my right hip followed by the familiar cold feel of an alcohol swab. "There," he said. "Let him sleep and I'll do him once he's out." At this point I was downright balling my eyes out. My Mistress said with a little alarm, "Hey, I wanted to get him off one more time." With that she began to work my cock like crazy up and down. She had some sort of jel, I assumed shaving cream, and it felt like I was sliding inside of her as her hand worked me quickly. Because she was in a wheelchair, she spent most of her time with her upper body working to move, and get around. It was showing now as I was nearing unconsciousness and ejaculation at the same time. Within a moment, I grunted and felt my load leap out of the end of my cock. I felt the cool hot splash of it as it landed on my stomach, chest and event upper collar bone. I was almost out when I heard her brother say, "That was a good last load," and she responded, "Yep, glad he's empty now." That was the last thing I remember. I woke up later with no plastic on the bed and curled to one side of the bed. My Mistress and her brother were nowhere to be found. I immediately reached down and found both balls still attached and safely in the sac. I heard her enter the room in her wheelchair. I looked at her and saw that she was completely nude except for a towel in her hair. She smiled and held up a Popsicle stick, "Amazing how that will make you think it's a straight razor isn't it? I like castration play....don't you? I think we'll do that more often in different ways." I swallowed, hit the floor and immediately crawled in front of her chair. There I kissed her knees and rapidly moved her legs apart and found her inner thigh and the rest of her sex. She immediately let out a sigh and gulped in air almost at the same time as I licked and licked-worshiping her like I had not done in sometime. "Wow," she managed. "If I knew castration scares will get this response out of you I'd be doing them nightly. To this day I believe she used the Popsicle stick, but I have no idea what the man - whom I believed to be her brother - gave me a shot of that put me to sleep. She never told me when she was alive and I never asked. I did increase my offer of oral sex nightly for the rest of her life.

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