Monday, August 22, 2016

First Cock in the Ass

I've written about a lot of first times on this blog, but I believe this is the first time I've told about a Dom fucking me. It was several years ago and I was a pretty young sub. Naturally, I had my ass played with, even poked and prodded with various items, but I never had a full grown man's dick inside me. I had been owned by my Dom for sometime and we were both tested, so protection was not a problem. Our usual routines consisted of me sucking him off, cleaning his home, doing his laundry and fixing him meals. In turn I got to sleep in his bed, wear his collar and occasionally, I got to jack off while he or his friends watched. It was late one night when my Dom pushed in a contraption he had made. He looked at me for a moment before saying, "Doug, do you trust me." I naturally replied "Yes" at which point I was instructed to climb up on the contraption. The device was padded down the middle of a two by four and framed in such a way that I had to lay on one two by four on my stomach, with my chin on the board causing me to look almost straight up if I was standing. My arms were then secured to two other boards near my mid checks and aiming out. The board ended about my naval and there a V was made that each leg had to be secured in. I basically looked like a Spinx or something of a statue. First he secured my head and neck, then my arms and waist and finally each let. I was essentially on all fours with my ass, balls and cock exposed and spread behind me. My master moved behind me and rubbed my buttock for several minutes, he then reached down to my dangling balls and cock and began to stroke them. My first thought was this was some kind of milking board and he was going to milk me off. After a moment he stopped, leaving my cock bouncing around I might add, and asked me if I was ready for the next level. I replied I was to which I felt his finger enter my ass. I could tell immediately that his finger was lubed with something, so I expected that the next thing might be a dildo, or probe or something, but then I remember the feeling. I felt something hard and alive at my ass door. I felt his upper thigh area against my legs and his hips against my butt. Without a word or warning, I felt his hot and throbbing cock slide into my ass. At first it hurt like hell, but then I could tell he had lubed up. Slowly he began fucking my ass. At first I thought it felt like a dildo, but then there was something different. He pushed in several times hitting my prostate and causing me to get hard. I know I began to moan outloud because he said, "That's good, take it like a slut" to which I even moaned more. While it seemed like forever, it must have only been a few minutes before my Master unloaded into me. I felt him grow, throb, and actually pump into me with his read dick. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever known before. When he was finished with me, I was left trembling in the knees and my ass squeezing for more as his juice dripped out of me. Later we were laying in bed as he was watching the late show with me leaning on his shoulder. He looked over at me and asked me if I liked being fucked in the ass.....I smiled, nodded, and went under the covers. He came again, this time filling my mouth, within a few was fine, the late show was a rerun anyway.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

By His Balls

There is a very old saying in the world, "Grab a man by his balls and his heart and mind will soon follow." As to the point as they saying is, the more important thing to remember is that it's true. The key to a man is his balls. If you want to make your man happy, massage his balls. If you want to make a slave obedient, torture his balls. It's been done all through history. Enemy soldiers capture on the battlefield and put into slavery or sold as slaves often had that little modification done first.....removal of the balls. It made them docile and showed they were no longer men, simply beat and owned slaves. Eunuchs have been around for hundreds of years and often made that way to ensure they did not tamper with the women of the king, or owner of the slaves. Face it, it's still the way to a man's heart. Like most men I had to learn this the hard way. I was always submissive. From the time I was a young kid in school I always wanted to captured by the girls team, or treated as their slave, or whatever came to my mind as we played. I can remember playing the yard one time and we had captured a blond girl - just happened to be one I was smitten with - and the boys tied her up. I can remember sitting there thinking, "That should be me tied up, not her," but even still there was something about her that was attractive tied up. Much later in life when I first submitted to a woman the first thing that happened was I was stripped. Standing in front of her nude she began to inspect my cock and balls with her hand. Naturally it shot up rock hard to greet her....this though was not received with tender affection or love....instead a hard slap to the cock, a quick grasp of both my nuts in her palm - effectively putting me on the floor, and a couple of snaps later I found my self fitted with my first cock cage. It was a plastic container that allowed my cock to grow, but only with small pain. That Mistress continued to teach me for sometime over the duration of her ownership. I wore a cock cage almost constantly, had no sexual relationships, and was only let out of the cage for cleaning - which another male slave completed for me roughly and if I showed any signs of an erection, he would firmly grasp my balls together and squeeze them until the erection died off. I learned the erection had better die off quickly. I went through all sorts of CBT -but finally after about six weeks of training, this Mistress had me brought before her and again stripped. This time my cock cage was removed. She examined me closely and to my shock and her delight, my cock just hung limp as she held it. She comment that I had learned well, brought in one of her female slaves, had her strip in front of me and display herself for me....She then taught me my final lesson and said, "The only time you will ever be allowed to have an erection is if it pleases your owner, you are being allowed to relieve yourself, you are fucking or performing with another slave for your owner's pleasure. Otherwise, your pleasure days are over." After her speech she motioned to the female slave showing her self to me, "She is very attractive. You may not touch her, but you will show her that you are nothing but a male slave - female slaves are above you even - and you will jack off while looking at her so that I may watch and she will know that she is attractive to you." After all the punishment, it took a few minutes but before I knew it I had shot a load out onto the floor and felt like I was owned not only by the Mistress, but also by her slave. It was then that I learned that any slave shooting his load is required to clean it up....without any cleaning supplies-but that's a story for another time.