Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Always For Her Fun

Several years ago when I was still a young, viral, stud and the very thought of a sexual activity, no matter how degrading or how much was involved would turn my cock into a rock hard statue, I had a somewhat overweight Mistress. She had no problem getting me aroused and although I had never been turned on by what most people would call a "fat chick," she somehow always managed to keep me hard and in suspense. She had been a paramedic, before she got too out of shape and became a volunteer for the unit, so this position afforded her the opportunity to have some fun with the supplies. Believe me, you've never been tied until you've been tied on a stretcher board, nude with your cock pointing straight up into the cool air of the room. After about a month of service, my Mistress decided she was going to give me a treat. I knew she had other slaves, but I wasn't sure what she meant by treat. She explained to me that I would get to eat out one of her female slaves. She said that because I had been so good to her, she had picked a special slave for me and that if I could make the slave cum, I would get an additional treat. As you can imagine I was thrilled. Being a young, and somewhat dumb, slave, I figured that I could make her female slave cum in no time. I also figured that the "additional treat" could only mean my own release to cum. I fantasized licking the clit of a firm, slim and hot slave before mounting her and pounding away on her. I had seem many of the other slaves Mistress had and believe me, they were hot little things that visited from time-to-time. My big day came and I was tied to a bed on my back and told that I would have to make the slave cum as she sat on my face. To my surprise, my Mistress then proceeded to place two little tubes in my nose attached to a hose. As I heard the hissing sound of air coming through the tubes and going deep into my nose I remembered the time she had somehow gotten some dental gas and used it on me. I laughed half the night thinking everything from a meat thermometer sticking out of my dick to a plunger handle in my butt was funny (don't worry, it was one of those very short handles...lol. This time though it was not any gas, but instead it seemed to be oxygen. I breathed and looked at my Mistress with what must have been a questioning look. "Oh, I don't want you to die while you're satisfying my other slave, so you'll be able to breath this and lick as needed. It was a new idea, but I liked it. It mean I wouldn't have to come up from driving the hot little slave crazy for air. The next thing that surprised me a little was Mistress put my cock in a cage. As I had mentioned, at this time I stayed hard a lot, but a simple thumb from the palm of her hand and a firm testicle twist and my cock shrank instantly. The cage was slipped on me and locked in place. Mistress said I was now ready. A slave with a collar only walked into the room. To my horror she was almost twice as large as Mistress. This was not a dainty little slave like I had seen around the house. This lady had fat rolls where fat should not be. I was horrified. She got up on the bed and made her way to my head smiling. Slowly she lowered herself down on my face. The rolls of fat were pulled away as she settled onto my face, covering my mouth, nose, eyes, and chin. I immediately started to lick and was only imagining what having to fuck this huge slave was going to be like. Naturally the oxygen worked just like it was supposed to and I didn't suffocate, but I sure did eat the biggest I have ever ate. When Mistress' slave finally came, it was in waves that washed over my face. She got off and I could see Mistress sitting there clapping her hands together as if thrilled. She got up and wiped off my face. I was at least happy that I was going to get to cum. I knew the fat slave was a lot, but I was used to Mistress so it wouldn't be too bad. "Well, you get your treat now," she said as she reached for the cock cage, took it in her hand, and then gave it a little bounce off my lower stomach. It smacked with me inside and restrained. "Now you get to lay right there and watch my slave and me make out for the next hour or so.....I'm sure I'll smile a lot and cum a lot since you like fat girls cumming." My heart sank. Not only did I just eat out her fat slave, but I prepared her for making out with my Mistress. She smiled one last time before the slave dove hungrily between her spread legs. "You didn't think the reward was for your fun did you? Remember slut, it's always for my fun."

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