Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cum Stopper

A few years ago my Mistress used to spend a good amount of time ensuring that I had huge blue balls. Although she was in a wheelchair, she had three assets that no male slave could avoid. First, she had huge breast. By just allowing a little of her breast to show through a blouse, in a v-neck, or even through a tight leather bra she could send all the blood from one head to the other head and control me. Second, she had a great and sexy voice. It was a radio sounding voice. So, if she said something as simple as, "I'd like to see my slut hard," then Bam! I was hard as a rock. Third and finally, because she was in a wheelchair, she had powerful hands and arms. She could work a cock for hours without taking a break. In fact the only break she would take would be to allow everything to subside so she could work it up again. This was pure torture. Not to mention, that if by some reason I did cum before she wanted me to do so, then she had the power in her hands to literally squeeze me out. She could squeeze so hard, and she was calculated about it so as not to rupture a testicle, that she could make me pass out. The pain went through me stronger than any Dom or Domme has ever kicked me or hit me.

Nonetheless, my Mistress would spend hours with me tied in a chair, a bed, a table, a coffee table or a counter. She almost never tied me on the floor because this caused her to have to get out of her chair to get to me. She would work my cock time and time again until I was right on the verge of cumming and then just stop.

On the times that she thought I was about to lose it and cum, she would pinch just below the head of my cock at the base of the fire helmet so to speak. My cock head would turn purple, she would pinch tighter and I could feel the cum just boiling trying to get out. I would moan, wiggle, and try to free myself from her fingers. She would often ask in her sexy voice if I still had to cum. If I said yes, she would keep the pressure on until I no longer needed to cum. There was one time, and one time only, that I said no that I no longer needed to cum. The second she let go of my cock head, globs of cum shot out and onto her hand. She calmly wiped it on my chest, cleaned off her hand, and then squeezed my balls to a point where being blue balled would have been better. In her sexiest voice, she said, "You don't cum until I tell you to cum...understand dog?" After that I never would cum again until she said I could. Even times I thought I was about to cum and had permission, I had to look into her eyes and hear her say "cum" in order for me to do so. That pain was more intense than any blue balls I've ever had!


  1. I ahve heard that this tech, the squeezing of the base of the head, really works. I 'd love to try it sometime...maybe with you and see.

    could you handle being tied down again?...

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  3. Reading through old comments, but yes, I have heard the squeezing of the base of the head does work. Actually, it's been done to be before once or twice. What people have enjoyed is the fact that cum does still ooze out the shaft anyway.

    Oh, and yes, I'd love to try it again sometime too. I can handled being tied down if you can handle the meat. Just email me and we'll do it. :)


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